Benjamin Fulford: “Rival Emperor Stakes Claim to Japanese Throne!!

Benjamin Fulford: “Rival Emperor Stakes Claim to Japanese Throne
By Reena

Benjamin Fulford: “Rival emperor stakes claim to Japanese throne, shows evidence he is the real deal” 20th March 2012

Naoshi Onodera holding what he claims is an 8000 year old Sumerian object, the Japanese imperial “Jewel.”

Naoshi Onodera claims he is
the legal and rightful emperor of Japan and that Emperor Akihito is
descended from a group of illegitimate pretenders who were put up as
puppet rulers by foreign cabalists who use the Satanic star as their
symbol. He says the sitting emperor is using fake replicas of the three
ancient imperial treasures used to justify his position on the throne.
These items are known as the jewel, the sword and the mirror and are
said to be the oldest inherited items on earth. The real ones are in his
possession and he is willing to have scholars and legal experts verify
this and other evidence, Onodera says. This is an extremely important
claim because it is intimately connected to the start-up of the new
financial system and the possibility of fundamental regime change in

In recent years Japan has been
controlled by a small clique centered around Hiroaki Fushimi, a distant
imperial relative who has been trying to seize the throne and thus take
control of the Japanese financial system. As a part of this plot,
Fushimi arranged the murder of Princess Masako’s fiancée Katsuhiko Oku
in order to force her to marry the crown prince so that he could
substitute one of his own children as Masako’s child and heir to the
throne, according to several imperial family members. Oku, who worked
for the North America Number 2 Division at the Japanese foreign ministry
was sent to Iraq where he was murdered, they claim. Fushimi has been an
agent for George Bush Senior and has provided the Bushes with
fraudulent financial documents, they say. Emperor Akihito has been a
powerless puppet manipulated by this clique which includes the Prince
Hitachi, the imperial family sources say. Fushimi refused to confirm or
deny these claims when reached through his secretary.

This clique is now isolated
and hiding in the Imperial Palace behind 6,000 uniformed guards.
However, since White Dragon Society members are part of the inner staff
of the Imperial palace, they must surrender and allow Eijiro Katsu, the
senior Ministry of Finance Bureaucrat and Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki
Shirakawa to open up the BOJ Black Screens and release the funding for
the new financial system. Japan’s Ministry of Finance will then receive
an initial payment of $10 trillion to be used fort post-earthquake
rebuilding and to set up a new International Economic Planning Agency….

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