Benjamin Fulford 2-27-12…”U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner Arrested…

Benjamin Fulford 2-27-12…”U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner Arrested…

By: Kauilapele’s Blog

Another “Wow, Really?” report from Ben. This on the heels of last week’s multiple bank arrest reports. According to Ben, the arrests are ongoing, and the nightingales are singing. Geithner, Berlusconi, et al.

And the line that I’m sure many of us already knew, or sensed, which heartens me the most, was that “The CBS news network in the US now has also broken with the cabalists…” I knew it. I knew it!!! (so which news station might we turn our televisions to now??!!)…


…Although it is still premature to give a timetable on further arrests, here is a partial (non-alphabetical) list of people (many who have tried to keep a low profile) who have been informed upon by the recent wave of cabal defectors:

The “family of three.”
The Medicis and Borgias
The Club of Rome
Larry Summers
Paul Volcker
Wylie Aitken
Vernon Jordan
Admiral William Crowe
Richard Haas
Felix Warburg
John Jacob Astor
Lord Pillsbury
Bill Hicks
Kiyohika Nishimura
David Gergen
Lamar Smith
J. Rockefeller
Yotaro Kobayashi
John Snow
Mark Rich
David Cohen
James Cameron (his family got rich from opium)
John Roberts
Paul Wolfowitz
Frank Carlucci
Peter Hans Kolvenbach (the former black pope)
George Bush Senior

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