This is the beginning of a huge step forward for you. – Archangel Michael


This is the beginning of a huge step forward for you. – Archangel Michael

Channeled by Ron Head

Once again this day we greet you with news of great change.  Many of you are wondering what is happening.  Please maintain your centers and we will explain.

You have been told of the nine days of vastly increased energies, and you know of the alignment of the planets which has occurred.  Now it may seem at first as if everything is falling apart for you.  Actually what is happening is that the things which still need to be cleared for you are surfacing from their hidden corners of your beings.  We have told you of the possibility of this, as well.  Do not become involved with these things.  Hold your centers and observe, yes.  And then release them from your attention and allow them to go on their way.  Send them back to Creator.  You have no need of them any longer.  Replace them with all of the unconditional love you can breathe into yourselves.

This is the beginning of a huge step forward for you.  Allow the new self which you have carefully crafted to handle it and you will step past it quite well.  We see many of you doing just so, and are once again smiling as we see your surprise with yourselves.

Allow this time to go by.  It will be a bit unsettling, perhaps, for some.  But the person you will find yourself to be at the end of this period will be worth the slight troubles you will encounter.  If some of the things you are experiencing seem more troublesome, then realize that time is short now and you have much to accomplish.

We tell you once more that the real focus during this time is your own ascension.  Were everyone attending to this, all of the outside circus that tries to draw your attention away would soon disappear.  It will be dealt with.  You need not give it more than the attention it deserves, which is not much, unless it comes directly to your door, and that happens to very few.

Realize now that your reactions to what is occurring in your own life are the most important thing for you at this time.  In most cases, no reaction beyond release may be the best.  In others, you may find acceptance and gratitude appropriate as newfound qualities are discovered.

We will see you through and help you as you request, as we always have done.  We wish nothing other than to be of help.  Feel our nearness to you now.  Good day.

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