New Banking and Financial System ~ Galactic Federation of Light 8/16/12


New Banking and Financial System ~ Galactic Federation of Light 8/16/12

Channeled through Greg Giles

Everlasting changes are changes that are made carefully and meticulously, based on well conceived plans that are made and that have the ability to develop systems and governance that can withstand many long years and many changes that may test the integrity and strength of these systems. Here in your world today are many examples of systems that have not survived tests of their integrity, their strength and their design. Here you have systems that have in many cases completely collapsed under just their own weight and not any outside force or influence. You have here systems of banking, of finance, of politics, of government, of education, of medicine and hospitalization that had never any chance to survive the long run, as they were weak and flawed in their original conception. They had no chance, none of them, to serve the people for any great length of time, and most of these systems were not even well enough designed to serve the people beneficially, adequately, efficiently or fairly for even a short length of time.

This is in many cases simply appalling, as these systems were in large part designed for one purpose and one purpose only and these systems carried out that chore very well, and that was to enrich and empower a few while stripping the masses of all their wealth, their health, their freedoms and their power. That is what these systems were designed for, and in this perspective these systems were designed very well for these purposes, for they have done just what it is they were designed for in the first place. We are here to help you tear down these systems that have helped tear down your society while building up the lives of a few. That is one of the main reasons we are here, and we need your cooperation, your assistance, your faith, your confidence and your willingness to first tear down most of these systems so we can begin together building new systems of governance, of finance, of banking, of health and education.

As we have discussed earlier, some of these systems are ready to collapse immediately and we must proceed with great care, as it is much wiser and beneficial for your people to give the breath of life to some of these systems while we simultaneously construct new systems to replace them. It is not always necessary and it is not always prudent to tear down one system completely before its replacement system is already up and running. We are sure you can understand this when we simply look at say one system and examine the shortfalls of allowing it to collapse or to precipitate its collapse before its replacement system is fully operational.

Let us take your banking system as an example. If we allow your banking system to collapse, then what is it your people will use as a system of exchange for food and goods they will need to simply survive? What would you bring to the store in exchange for food and gasoline to get to your jobs that may be very important for the welfare of others? This has to be considered before one system is completely torn down. A new system has to be designed, constructed and implemented in its place to immediately and efficiently take the place of the old system, or it must be already up and running fully functional before the old system is brought down. This is what we would like you to consider, and think about how many systems are needed at this time, even if these systems are running very poorly and efficiently and still to this day rob the masses of their wealth and their health, and in some cases their freedoms such as your judicial system, which in itself is a criminal empire built on profit and greed while it imprisons millions of your populations simply to earn more money for a few at the top of these pyramidal structures.

We wish to begin implementing these new systems, but as we have said, we must proceed very slowly and very cautiously as we must be very careful in some cases not to disrupt at all the system in place at this time that must not be allowed to crumble and fall such as your banking system. We have designed for you a new banking and financial system, but this is an area that must be resolved by your own people, for it is not us that can open up new institutions and it is not us who will physically distribute your new currency, if this is the way it shall go, for it is you, the people of your world, who must take these reigns and drive your new system into reality. We, the Galactic Federation of Light, are working with members of your world who do have the power, the abilities, the integrity and now the resources to make this dream a reality, but it is imperative of the people of your world to remain ever patient, to remain confident and faithful in your new banking and financial system, for it cannot be constructed overnight and so quickly replace the old system. It must be built slowly, in small and certain areas of your world as a testing ground, as a proving ground, a place where confidence can be built in your new currency and system.

This is what we will do. We will begin your new banking system that will replace all of your current currencies. There will not be different forms of currency and collateral throughout every nation, for that will not work or garner fairness, security or organization. That was part of a system based on inequalities and the ability to manipulate the value of these currencies and siphon off profits on a daily basis for just a few now incredibly wealthy individuals in your world. This money that has been stolen from you, the people, will be, in most cases and in most part, returned to the wealth of the people. This money that was stolen from the people you may see as only being borrowed from you, and now it is time this money is paid back and paid back this money will be.

There is no place that anyone can hoard or hide away funds of these sizes anywhere in your world. These funds can and have been easily traced and we, as well as the members of your Earth allies who are responsible for your new banking and financial systems know exactly where most of these funds pilfered from the people reside, and they will be extracted from the greedy clutches of these few men and women in the days ahead when it is the time for such a procedure.

As we have said, all things must take place in their appropriate time and no sooner and no later. Timing is of the essence in this operation and many others as well that will replace your systems that today run your world. We could get in depth about your new systems, how they will be implemented, even discuss target dates for when your new banking and financial system may begin to be implemented, but we say to you this is not important. For what is important is that you at this time focus on your current system and do what it is each nation must do to keep them afloat, for as we have outlined, your old system cannot be allowed to collapse before your new system is fully operational.

Your new system is being created, and it is being implemented as we speak. We are not playing a waiting game. It is being developed in certain parts of your world, and it is not being developed firstly in some of the nations of your world that you may expect, for it must be this way as your new systems of banking and finance must begin to be implemented in secure areas, in areas safe from the manipulative hands of the members of your criminal cabal who want nothing more than to see your new systems crumble, allowing their systems to continue as the only systems of banking and finance in your world, which would continue to enrich them so greatly and allow them to perpetuate their agenda of power and control and their nightmare dream of enslaving the populations of you world. We will not allow this. This has been decreed by your Creator; the agenda of the dark cannot be permitted to continue to reach fruition and cannot be allowed to continue any longer towards these goals. This you have our word on.

Our word has been misquoted by a number of individuals throughout your online circles who believe that we have promised this and we have promised that and have failed to deliver. This is fallacy, this is misunderstanding, this is disinformation. We only promise what we can, will and do deliver. Our promises are based solely on what we can and will do. Our promises are not based on what you can and have to do. Do you understand the difference? So many things that so many of you want are not ours to give you, they are yours to give yourself, therefore, how can it be that we have promised you these things?

Your freedom from the cabal is one of these things. We cannot give you your freedom from the cabal, for it is not our right, it is not our responsibility, it is yours. You, the people of your world, must take charge and free yourselves from the cabal and their clutches. This is happening. There are many women and men fighting each and every day for the freedom of your people. We witness this first hand. This is happening. There are those that may say this is not happening because they cannot see it. This may be understandable to a certain degree, but we say to you today as we have said to you on several occasions, the freedom of the people of your world is being fought for, it is being battled for, there is, as it may be described, a war going on right now just below the surface of human consciousness and awareness. It will like an oil gusher burst through the surface and drench the dry in its flow. We say this will happen as well.

Be patient, be faithful, be confident, be strong, be courageous, be helpful. Be all of these things, but be not doubtful, distrustful, dividing, problematic, instigating. These are attributes that are not helpful to you, to others, to your world, your planet and your universe. These things are not helpful. When we report to you what we observe we do expect a certain amount of resistance, of challenge, of doubt, maybe even distrust and suspicion, but we do not feel our reports deserve the responses that they enlist from such a wide range of readers. This we have trouble with, for these individuals are not showing the others the path to success, to triumph, to the changes that you all want for yourselves. These individuals are leading you down a dark and precarious road where the distrust and suspicion will never stop no matter what evidence is produced and no matter what changes take place. They will always take this contrary, unproductive, argumentative, challenging and manipulative stance. In most cases these individuals will not ever begin to exhibit, at least in this lifetime, positive forms of behavior that will assist their world and assist their brothers and sisters through these many changes and challenges, and when they successfully enlist followers to their attitudes and their demeanors they are enlisting foes to productivity, to efficiency.

As we have said, your faith, trust, confidence, strength and positive mind sets are imperative to the success of your new world, and these voices of dissent are not conducive to success, they are not compatible with the positive changes that all of you seek. We do not wish for one moment to silence these voices, please do not misunderstand us, and we will clarify this for you so there is no misunderstanding about what we say. We encourage these voices of dissent and say to them as far as we are concerned you are entirely free and welcomed to continue to leave your comments beneath our messages, challenging us, berating us, insulting us, mocking us, spreading lies and disinformation about us. Whatever it is you feel you need to do to express what it is within you we welcome.

What we are saying and what we are only saying today is that there is a certain percentage of your population that is needed to take another position, a positive position, a stance of confidence, faith, trust, determination, courage and willpower that these others are not, and in many cases cannot display, for it is not within them. They do not have all of these things. They do not possess all of these attributes. This is why they fill their vernacular with insinuations, insults and inflammatory rhetoric and words that stab and wound others. Do you see the difference? Do you see the difference between us asking these voices of dissension to silence, which we are not doing, and instead we are asking for the voices of constructive attitude to continue their efforts to fill your world with the echoes of light, of confidence, of faith, of determination, of courage, for it is you, the owners of these voices who are the pioneers of your new world. You are the creators, not the destroyers. You are the Gods, not the mortals. You are the eternals that will bring forth your new world as the stewards that you are.

The others they will go in the way of their choosing, down the paths that they swath today. There can be and will not be any other way for them, for they are not walking the same path as you, for they at this moment in their journey cannot walk the same path as you. This is being made clear to all of you who have eyes to see this. We say to you that you are free to choose to follow them down their darkened pathways. It is your right. We will not do anything to stop you or to try to convince you to turn around and follow us down our pathway. This choice is entirely up to each and every one of you and as we always do, we will honor and respect each and every choice each of you shall make. And so it shall be.

Continue on now down the paths of your choosing. We are also continuing down our path, and we hope to see many of you on that road. We are your fellow travelers on the path of the light. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

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