A Balanced Diet for a New World


A Balanced Diet for a New World

Posted by Steve Beckow

Behind the scenes, the editors are discussing the measures we may
need to take to take into account the expected tsunami of information
that’ll likely come with the mass arrests, followed perhaps by
Disclosure, followed perhaps by NESARA (no predictions, just

All is flux and adaptation and a letting go of the old for the new.
We’re dropping some channels who have themselves not kept up with the
times and adding new ones. What Hilarion said in 2009 still applies,
perhaps more so:

“There is already, as you have noticed,
many new channelers who are bringing forth messages from the Higher
Planes of existence and this shall continue in the days ahead.

“There will also be many who will be
receiving plans, codes, information, to bring through new technologies,
so we from the Spiritual Hierarchy are informing you, the Lightworkers,
that this is beginning to occur.” (1)

In addition to capturing the best channeled information and news –
the game-changers, barn-burners, tipping points, and trim tabs (2) that
this site is dedicated to posting – we also post commentary.

And part of the commentary we post is what I call “shares.”A share is
one person sharing the truth of their being, feelings, wishes, etc., to
another, transparently….


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