Astria Of Electra: Our Rising Collective Light Quotient-Peace And Prosperity For All July 5, 2012

Astria Of Electra: Our Rising Collective Light Quotient-Peace And Prosperity For All July 5, 2012

By AuroRa Le

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Greetings, my beloved Brethren.  I, Archeia Astria of the Pleiadian star Electra, am most honored to have discourse with you once again.  You are each a treasure and a joy.  Every last one of you is an invaluable addition to whole of the human race.  The Earth’s community of people are a diverse lot, to say the least.  You have barely scratched the surface of knowing who and what  your population is really made up of, and what a grand experiment of love that you are.  So much has been kept hidden from you, as this a means of keeping you subdued and ignorant of your Divine origins.  How I, and all those who call themselves your true family, shall delight in your rapture and be bathed in your joyous light, on that fine day that the truth becomes known.  Each of you retains within your energetic fields, a type of blueprint.  It contains your memories, your contractual agreements, your timeline and the truth about your origins.  It has been difficult, if not impossible, for most of you to access this information up until now.  You have known yourselves only as human souls who are traversing an evolutionary path, and most consider themselves to be this and this alone.  Yet it is not so.  You are so very much more.  The Earth experiment is quite young, in greater Universal terms, and before this project was ever underway, you lived.  You have always lived, ageless and infinite.  You are Holy beings.  You have always been you, and your light shall continue to grow brighter and stronger and more varied as a result of your many experiences.   We all spring forth from the Heart of One.  You are a living, breathing spark of the Holy Light, and you must endeavor to remember this as proof of your excellence.

Each passing day is bringing us that much closer to the Heart of One, the Heart of God.  The collective vibration of the Earth’s populace is steadily rising, and as this occurs you move nearer to your first destination-this being the 5th density.  I say first because Gaia is not stopping there.  She has farther reaching plans than that.  But all is to be done in moderation, and she would never subject her children to any more than she believes they can handle at a given time.  Every single person who awakens affects this collective light quotient.  Therefore, the stronger it becomes, the more noticeable it shall be to everyone.  Then this in turn shall significantly increase the number of people who go on to respond to this noticeably shifting vibration.  More people on your planet are feeling a sudden discontent with their current way of life, and they are beginning to question who they are and where their lives are going.  The evidence of this dissatisfaction has consistently shown itself in your alternative news sources, and shall soon begin to trickle down into the mainstream media.  When you observe this happening, consider it to be one aspect of the tangible proof you have been asking for.  Change is most assuredly taking place, I promise you.  Be content with this as an initial sign, because to be content is to be at peace.   Whatever you do, do not lose sight of your ultimate goal and refrain from becoming disillusioned with the pace of ascension.  It is difficult, I do agree.  It seems as though it is not happening fast enough, and there are some who feel it is not happening at all.  You face the same thing, day in and day out, with no outward signs that anything new is on the horizon. You are feeling a great impatience with this redundancy, and deep within your soul you know that there is more to life than the 3rd dimensional world has to offer.  You know that something tremendous is going on, but it is upsetting that you cannot see it.  The challenge here is not to allow yourself to give in to those feelings of doubt, and not to allow yourself to become jaded.  Have faith in the very things that your 5 physical senses cannot perceive.

It is more important now than ever, to spend time in silent meditation every day, even if it is only for a short duration.  This is the time we are able to communicate with you, undisturbed.  Silence the incessant chatter of the mind and ignore it’s nagging.  Do nothing and think of nothing.  You need only to stop for a little while and be.  You shall hear tones and perhaps a higher pitched ringing.  Recognize these as the frequencies of Home.  Listen closely.  What you are hearing is physical proof.  Also, pay close attention to any imagery you see, or if there is a word or phrase that repeats itself.  All of these are clues in the solving of the wonderfully complex mystery of you.  I also feel the need to remind you that your physical human vessels are in a state of transmutation, also,  and that the outward signs of change shall soon become visible, if they have not already.  You’re bodies are currently morphing from being dense and carbon-based, into a lighter crystalline-based structure.   This new encasement shall neither decay nor die.  Are you seeing evidence of this yet?  Examine the texture of your skin, the lushness and strength of your hair.  Even your fingernails shall grow more quickly.  You shall find that you no longer sicken, and you have far less need for sleep and heavy foods.   I list but a mere few of the initial outward signs of  of your DNA’s expansion and restoration.  Take note that these, too, are provable, tangible signs.

Be of good cheer, I tell you, because there is a new day dawning.  This is the Platinum Age, and it is one of peace and prosperity for all.  The time shall soon be upon you when you look back at your 3rd dimensional lifetimes and wonder to yourself, “How can it be that I did not know this?  However could I have forgotten?”  I shall be incomprehensible to you that the truth has been there before you all along.  Soon the veil of amnesia, which has been lifted mightily already, shall be relegated to nothing more than a chapter in the record books.  This New Age brings with it not only equality and abundance, but a complete integration and restoration of all aspects of your self.  The precious people of Gai are awakening one by one, and at an ever increasing speed.  As each one opens his eyes and his heart and veers off the expected path, so rises the Light.  With every one that breaks away from the herd, your numbers grow.  You are the shepherds, you know.  It is up to you to show them the way.

From the Golden Temple of Healing upon the Electra star, I AM Archeia Astria, sister to AuroRa.  Be blessed.


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