Ascension/Awakening/Kundalini Symptoms


Spiritual Awakening Symptoms / Ascension Symptoms

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The Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

1. Body aches and pains, especially in the neck, shoulder and back.
This is the result of intense changes at your DNA level as the “Christ
seed” awakens within. More important, your Merkabah, energetic
transportal Body, has/is being upgraded and made new. This will be
explained and understood more fully as you progress. Suffice to say,
aging, dis-ease, and limitations are freed with-in this New
Experiencing Device.

2. Feeling of deep inner sadness for no apparent reason. You are
releasing your past (this lifetime and others) and this causes the
feeling of sadness. Literally… pieces, parts… “aspects” of YOU are
being seen and released/transmuted appropriately. Although, many may
not seem difficult to release, others are comfortable personalities
that must be reconciled. Say, “good bye,” I love you. You have served
me well. I no longer need you.”

3. Crying for no apparent reason. Similar to #2 above. It’s good and
healthy to let the tears flow. It helps to release the old energy
within. There’s a multitude of emotional energies within you now…
try not to focus on the “why” and just feel, allow..

4. Sudden change in job or career. A very common symptom. As you
change, things around you will change as well. Don’t worry about
finding the “perfect” job or career right now. You’re in transition
and you may make several job changes before you settle into one that
fits your passion.

5. Withdrawal from family relationships. You are connected to your
biological family via old karma. When you get off the karmic cycle,
the bonds of the old relationships are released. After a period of
time, you may develop a new relationship with them if it is
appropriate. However, the relationship will be based in the new
energy. This period is often times referred to as “The Fall,” or “The
Separation.” Do not worry, as there is no separation that is valid.
Only the “feeling,seeming, illusion” of such.

6. Unusual sleep patterns. It’s likely that you’ll awaken many nights
between 2:00 and 4:00 AM. There’s a lot of work going on within you,
and it often causes you to wake up for a “breather.” Not to worry. If
you can’t go back to sleep, get up and do something rather than lay in
bed and worry about humanly things. This is also due to the New Body
being acclimated to its new environment, which requires no sleep
(meditation) and little to no nourishment.

7. Intense dreams. These might include war and battle dreams, chase
dreams or monster dreams. You are literally releasing the old energy
within. Plus, you are remembering and connecting with past lives,
memories, experiences and knowledge. These dreams, if “scarey” in
nature, cannot harm you. Although, they may be pleasant in nature, as
well. If so, enjoy, and either way, don’t worry or over-analyze.

8. Physical disorientation. At times you’ll feel very ungrounded.
You’ll be “spatially challenged” with the feeling like you can’t put
two feet on the ground, or that you’re walking between two worlds. As
your consciousness transitions into the new energy, you body sometimes
lags behind. Spend more time in nature to help ground the new energy

9. Increased “self talk.” You’ll find yourself talking to your Self
more often. You’ll suddenly realize you’ve been chattering away with
yourself for the past 30 minutes. There is a new level of
communication taking place within your being, and you’re experiencing
the tip of the iceberg with the self talk. The conversations will
increase, and they will become more fluid, more coherent and more
insightful. You’re not going crazy, you’re just Shaumbra moving into
the new energy.

10. Feelings of loneliness, even when in the company of others. You
may feel alone and removed from others. You may feel the desire to
“flee” groups and crowds. As Shaumbra, you are walking a sacred and
lonely path. As much as the feelings of loneliness cause you anxiety,
it is difficult to relate to others at this time. And, others may find
much difficulty in their relation to you, mostly due to your
over-powering energetic force. The void within will be filled with the
love and energy of your own Christ consciousness.

11. Loss of passion. You may feel totally dis-impassioned, with little
or no desire to do anything. That’s OK, and it’s just part of the
process. Take this time to “do no-thing.” Don’t fight yourself on
this. It’s similar to rebooting a computer. You need to shut down for
a brief period of time in order to load the sophisticated new
software, or in this case, the new Christ-seed energy.

12. A deep longing to go Home. This is perhaps the most difficult and
challenging of any of the conditions. You may experience a deep and
overwhelming desire to leave the planet and return to Home. This is
not a “suicidal” feeling. It is not based in anger or frustration. You
don’t want to make a big deal of it or cause drama for yourself or
other. There is a quiet part of you that wants to go Home. The root
cause for this is quite simple……You are ready to begin a new
lifetime while still in this physical body.

During this transition process, you have an inner remembrance of what
it is like to be on the other side. Are you ready to take on the
challenges of moving into the New Energy?

Yes, indeed you could go Home right now. But you’ve come this far, and
after many, many lifetimes it would be a shame to leave before the end
of the movie.

Besides, Spirit needs you here to help others transition into the new
energy. They will need a human guide, just like you, who has taken the
journey from the old energy into the new. The path you’re walking
right now provides the experiences to enable you to become a Teacher
of the New Divine Human.

As lonely and dark as your journey can be at times, remember that you
are never alone.

The Spiritual Ascension Symptoms

1. Feeling as though you are in a pressure cooker or in intense
energy; feeling stress. Remember, you are adjusting to a higher
vibration and you will eventually adjust. Old patterns, behaviours and
beliefs are also being pushed to the surface. There is a lot going on
inside of you.

2. A feeling of disorientation; not knowing where you are; a loss of a
sense of place. You are not in 3D anymore, as you have moved or in the
process of moving into the higher realms.

3. Unusual aches and pains throughout different parts of your body.
You are purifying and releasing blocked energy vibrating at 3D, while
you are vibrating in a higher dimension.

4. Waking at night between 2 and 4 a.m. Much is going on in your dream
state. You can’t be there for long lengths of time and need a break.
This is also the ‘cleansing and releasing’ hour.

5. Memory loss. A great abundance of short term memory loss and only
vague remembrances of your past. You are in more than one dimension at
a time, and going back and forth as part of the transition, you are
experiencing a ‘disconnect’. Also, your past is part of the Old, and
the Old is forever gone. Being in the Now is the way of the New World.

6. ‘Seeing’ and ‘hearing’ things. You are experiencing different
dimensions as you transition, all according to how sensitive you are
and how you are wired.

7. Loss of identity. You try to access the Old you, but it is no
longer there. You may not know who you are looking at in the mirror.
You have cleared much of your old patterns and are now embodying much
more light and a simpler, more purified divine you. All is in order,
You are okay.

8. Feeling ‘out of body’. You may feel as though someone is talking,
but it is not you. This is our natural defense mechanism of survival
when we are under acute stress or feeling traumatized or out of
control. Your body is going through a lot and you may not want to be
in it. My ascension guide told me that this was a way of easing the
transition process, and that I did not need to experience what my body
was going through. This only lasted a short time. It passes.

9. Periods of deep sleeping. You are resting from all the acclimating
and are integrating, as well as building up for the next phase. Or,
Days of extreme fatigue. Your body is losing density and going through
intense restructuring.

10. Heightened sensitivities to your surroundings. Crowds, noise,
foods, TV, other human voices and various other simulations are
barely tolerable. You also overwhelm very easily and become easily
overstimulated. You are tuning up. Know that this will eventually

11. You don’t feel like doing anything. You are in a rest period,
‘rebooting’. Your body knows what it needs. In addition, when you
begin reaching the higher realms, ‘doing’ and ‘making things happen’
becomes obsolete as the New energies support the feminine of basking,
receiving, creating, self-care and nurturing. Ask the Universe to
‘bring’ you what you want while you are enjoying yourself and having

12. An intolerance for lower vibrational things of the 3D, reflected
in conversations, attitudes, societal structures, healing modalities,
etc. They literally make you feel ‘sick’ inside. You are in a higher
vibration and your energies are no longer in alignment. You are being
‘pushed, to move forward; to ‘be’ and create the New. One basic law of
Quantum physics states that two vibrations of different speeds cannot
occupy the same space at the same time. This is and has been True on
this dimensional level of Truth. However, this “Law” Is currently
being ” broken.” (thorough explanation of this is found in the up
coming book, “Hidden Truth(s)…”

13. A loss of desire for food, and/or sleep. Your body is adjusting to
a new, higher state of existence. Your New body is slowly learning and
adapting to the Truth of its superiority of the old body. You require
little to no sustenance, (although drink much Water) and you need not
sleep much… soon to be none. The body’s need for “sleep” is acquired
through meditative practices, and is sated within a fraction of your
past body’s requirement of “sleep.”

And, Or… A need to eat often along with what feels like attacks of
low blood sugar. Weight gain, especially in the abdominal area. A
craving for protein. You are requiring an enormous amount of fuel for
this ascension process. Weight gain with an inability to loose it no
matter what you do is one of the most typical experiences. Trust that
your body knows what it is doing.

14. A sudden disappearance of friends, activities, habits, jobs and
residences. You are evolving beyond what you used to be, and these
people and surroundings no longer match your vibration. The New will
soon arrive and feel so-o-o-o much better.

15. You absolutely cannot do certain things anymore. When you try to
do your usual routine and activities, it feels downright awful. You
are evolving beyond what you used to be, and these people and
surroundings no longer match your vibration. The New will soon arrive
and feel so-o-o-o much better.

16. Experiencing emotional ups and downs; weeping. Our emotions are
our outlet for release, and we are releasing a lot.

17. A wanting to go Home, as if everything is over and you don’t
belong here anymore. We are returning to Source. Everything is over,
but many of us are staying to experience and create the New World.
Also, our old plans for coming have been completed.

18. Feeling you are going insane, or must be developing a mental
illness of some sort. You are rapidly experiencing several dimensions
and greatly opening. Much is available to you now. You are just not
used to it. Your awareness has been heightened and your barriers are
gone. This will pass and you will eventually feel very at Home like
you have never felt before, as Home is now here.

19. Anxiety and panic. Your ego is losing much of itself and is
afraid. Your system is also on overload. Things are happening to you
that you may not understand. You are also losing behaviour patterns of
a lower vibration that you developed for survival in 3D. This may make
you feel vulnerable and powerless. These patterns and behaviours you
are losing are not needed in the higher realms. This will pass and you
will eventually feel so much love, safety and unity. Just wait.

20. Depression. The outer world may not be in alignment with the New,
higher vibrational you. It doesn’t feel so good out there. You are
also releasing lower, darker energies and you are ‘seeing’ through
them. Hang in there.

21. Vivid, wild and sometimes violent dreams. You are releasing many,
many lifetimes of lower vibrational energy. Many are now reporting
that they are experiencing beautiful dreams. Your dream state will
eventually improve and you will enjoy it again. Some experience this
releasing while awake. My mother commented one day that she believed I
was having nightmares in the daytime.

22. Night sweats and hot flashes. Your body is ‘heating’ up as it
burns off residue.

23. Your plans suddenly change in mid-stream and go in a completely
different direction. Your soul is balancing out your energy. It
usually feels great in this new direction, as your soul knows more
than you do. It is breaking your ‘rut’ choices and vibration.

24. You have created a situation that seems like your worst nightmare,
with many ‘worst nightmare’ aspects to it. Your soul is guiding you
into ‘stretching’ into aspects of yourself where you were lacking, or
into ‘toning down’ aspects where you had an overabundance. Your energy
is just balancing itself. Finding your way to peace through this
situation is the test you have set up for yourself. This is your
journey, and your soul would not have set it up if you weren’t ready.
You are the one who finds your way out and you will. Looking back, you
will have gratitude for the experience and be a different person.

The 12 Levels of Ascension

We are all evolving and absorbing Light at our own pace. Some are
consciously working with these changes and so their transmutation is
quicker, some are unaware and are absorbing this Light and change in
direct relation to planetary change. However, one can classify this
creation into levels …


– when the body drops density it commonly displays mutational symptoms
of flu, headaches, diarrhea, rashes, muscle and joint aches. Most flu
epidemics are actually Light epidemics! Brain chemistry changes, right
and left brain functions blend and the pituitary and pineal glands
begin to change in size.u The DNA structure and chemical components
begin to change and pick up extra hydrogen atoms and chemicals that
the cells need to take undifferentiated higher Light and break it down
into useable Light encodements for the DNA.


– the etheric blueprint floods with light and releases karmic
experiences, individuals may feel disoriented as well as experience of
’bouts of flu’. Many begin to question “why am I here”. Light in the
etheric blueprint releases 4th dimensional structure and causes spins
in the geometries of the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
Change is rapid and many feel tired.


– physical senses become much stronger. Your bodies not only absorb
Light for its own change but also acts as a transducer- decoder of
higher light energies to the planet as a whole. The process of the
in-breath is now irreversible, like an elastic band that has been
stretched to maximum capacity, been let go of and will return to its
natural state.


– major changes are in the brain and its chemistry and electromagnetic
energies – symptoms are often headaches, blurry vision, loss of
hearing and sometimes chest pains. Crystal regulators in the etheric
body keep lines of light within the 5th dimensional blueprint from
connecting again until you are ready. Chest pains are due to the
expanding energies of the heart as it opens to deeper levels. Vision
and hearing are being realigned to function differently.

The mental body begins to wonder if it really is in charge and
individuals get strong unexplainable and undeniable urges to follow
spirit without hesitation. Individuals may get lashes of telepathy,
clairvoyance and nearly all begin to experience empathy. This is a
time of feeling, of honouring and accepting and validating the
emotional body and learning to control it.


– the mental body decides to tune to spirit, dreams change and may
become more ‘lucid’, you get feelings of de ja vu. Thought processes
become non linear. Being’s oscillate between knowing and doubt. We
realise the habitual nature of thinking and behaviour and look at
de-programming and re-programming to create the “I” we wish to be, not
the “I” we thought we were from our interaction with parents, peers
and society etc. Change seems to be constant and we consciously begin
to discern from our heart rather than judge from ‘conditioned


– we draw to us others for mutual support and stimulation of growth.
We question what is real, our mental process and how we identify with
others and ourselves changes rapidly. Re-evaluation may be
uncomfortable but we feel it must be done – we look at our
relationships, jobs, home environment, living styles, it is a time of
letting go, of moving on. We change our friends, everything feels to
be in a state of flux but we feel lighter, vaster, freer somehow. By
this stage the Light quotient in our being is 33% – we feel as though
we are opening up our inner senses and clairvoyance, clairaudience
etc. seem normal and natural to us.


– the heart chakra opens more, we become more ‘real’ with other
emotions, we just have to be ourselves! We release blocks and old
patterns – it is a time of great emotional clearing and great
intensity as we seek to rid ourselves of emotional baggage. We feel
more in tune with each moment, feeling very present and flowing with

Often old relationships end or change rapidly as Being’s dig deep and
honour their feelings – there is simply no room for denial on any
level. We begin to lose emotional attachment to others. Chest pains
(angina) are more common as the heart continues to open its energy
fields. (Doing the Unified chakra meditation will assist in the heart

Fear at this time is released as the energy fields of all the bodies
are realigned through the heart and when aligned, fear drops away.
Pressure at the forehead or back or the head is due to the opening of
the pituitary and pineal glands as they absorb more light, when these
glands are fully open, activated and functioning at the highest level,
aging and death cease. When the pineal gland is fully open we
experience multi-dimensionality yet duality seems to increase as we
leave it behind.

Some days we feel connected and joyous, others we are in fear and
caught up in survival issues. Many wish to ‘ascend’ and leave the
planet as we sense the very real possibility of ascension through our
deepening connection with spirit. As we learn to follow our joy, we
may then want to ‘save the planet’ and have everyone follow their joy.

ALL are stages of progression and reflect our changing perception.
Dietary wise, you feel to eat less, more light, live food – many at
this stage have ceased to eat meat, sugar and drink alcohol as they
‘feel’ the effects of these substances on the vibrational fields of
the body.


– we leave the ‘saving and rescuing’ mode behind . The pineal and
pituitary glands change shape, if headaches persist ask the Being’s
who are working with you to simply ‘tone it down’ for they don’t feel
pain, or ask them to release endorphin’s – the brains natural opiate.
The brain is being activated – particularly the cerebrum, the
‘sleeping giant’. Cranial expansion is common; triangular ‘seed
crystals’ in the brow and recorder crystals in the right side of the
brain are activated along with the 8th, 9th and 10th chakras. We begin
to be hooked into the languages of Light.

The pituitary and pineal glands are opened fully and work together to
create the ‘Arc of the Covenant’, a rainbow light that arcs over the
top of the head to the third eye that is a decoding mechanism for
higher dimensional language. You may find it hard to find words to
express yourself as you may think in geometries and tones. If confused
do the unified chakra meditation and ask for messages to be decoded
and translated. Again you become much more aware of the vastness and
multi-dimensionality of your nature, that you can be anything that you
want to be, you cease to operate from obligation and relationships
become transpersonal.

You share words from your heart and soul and others may feel
disorientated when dealing with you as they no longer have ‘hooks’
into you to link with. You operate from a deep level of serenity with
heightened sensitivity and awareness yet feel grounded and
transformed. By this stage, it is possible to be sustained purely by
Light and prana, to take no nourishment from the atmospheric realms
and to be healthily sustained by the etheric.


– decoding geometries and toning is easier, spirit is using the
languages of light which shift the 6th dimensional blueprint into a
new template for your 5th dimensional Lightbody. Your body may change
shape as the energy fields shift. You feel interconnected to all
Being’s everywhere and less connected to the opinions of others. You
release the desire for and the energy to sustain the ‘game of
separation and limitation’ and feel truly free. The 9th level sees a
mass descension of the Lightbody into physical form. As with the 3rd
and 6th, this level sees a strong re-evaluation as we begin the final
surrender to Spirit and we truly become the Divine instrument. Here
Spirit determines our income, our work, other being’s in our lives,

This is the dissolution of the ego-self and while ecstatic, it can be
most painful. Making the leap can be fearful even though we have
evolved through eons of time to reach this point. We may go back and
forth, clinging to old comfort zones before completely letting go –
there is no turning back and all must be released. 9th level is
surrender and then ecstasy; the letting go of the “I” – we realize
that while free will is real it is also an illusion as it only there
to guide us and to empower us to be One with Spirit. Survival fears
leave – focus in on the Now at one-at-ment. Though fears may surface,
they seem unreal and are easily put aside.

We tend to disconnect from consensus reality and our choices and
reality seem unreal to others. From the 7th, 8th and 9th the inner
light noticeably radiates out and by now you feel unbelievably
grounded, connected, centred, filled with purpose and desiring only to
serve. For awhile you may slip between the 8th and 9th, from feeling
complete at-one-ment to being ‘ a limited human being’ again, this
settles down by the end of the 9th level. You then continually feel
connected and operate from your Christ level and your intention and
motivation is always for the highest, although others, due to their
own inner triggers and issues, may not always choose to see that. The
9th is where we begin to hook up to our

Know that although our evolutionary process is rapidly accelerating,
along with the new higher vibrational energies we have not created
Heaven yet. So, thought you may be struggling and confused at this
time, Know that your future holds the following in Your Heaven on
Earth, maybe even before the final push. Just have Faith: I AM.

The last three levels unify all energy fields, all chakras are unified
and you become totally connected to your I AM.


– you are one with Source consciousness and know all is possible. DNA
is no longer 2 strand but 12 strand; teleportation, manifestation etc.
are instantaneous. The Merkabah (another name for our Lightbody) has
been built and allows you to pass through space, time and dimensions
complete in your totality. It has its own consciousness to be directed
by you.


– all levels of the lightbody have been constructed and activated and
are connected to your physical body via ‘spin points’. These light
matrix’s lie along the physical acupuncture meridians and are lines of
light intersecting in beautiful geometries – a new 5th dimensional
circulatory system of Light. Cellular regeneration has been
accomplished. Time is no longer linear but simultaneous – past,
present and future co-exist – all exist in parallels. There is no
separation and you will fully manifest your vision of Heaven on Earth
and express the ecstasy of Spirit. In this ‘frame’ of conscious
awareness many now access and create new types of Light based
technologies, new community living, new systems of government and
equitable food and resource distribution systems. All have received
specialist training and skills to help create and manifest the New
World – the ‘Golden Age’.

12. THE 12th LEVEL

– the continuation of the Creation and implementation of the New World
systems – hook up with other 12th level initiates who bring into
existence new governments, new financial and educational systems,
better system of food and resource allocation etc. as all will be
redefined in the final stages of Earth’s ascension so that all may
exist in joy, equality and harmony. By this time the planet and her
inhabitants will have been ‘rewoven’ into Light to shine in their full
glory as the final stages of this Divine Plan unfolds. The planet goes
to Light, shifts out of this dimension and is brought into a
multi-star system where everyone is a lightbody and follows Spirit in
total Mastery. All parallel realities are rewoven and absorbed back to
Spirit and all have aligned their will to the Divine.

…. Excerpt from the book “The Art of Resonance”

Note: Of course, not all of these symptoms can be attributed to the
Ascension Process.

Please follow your own inner guidance and consult a health care
professional as needed.

* Now that we have offered the appropriate advice, also know that we
realize you wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t already exhausted the
physical and mental alternatives.

What Can I Expect… Beginning Experiences In The Higher Realms

1) Moving into a better job that supports the expression of who you
are, your passion or your mission, which are basically the same.

2) Greater financial abundance as you’ve never quite experienced before.

3) Most of your dreams come true and easily

4) You attract a new mate/partner or you and your current partner have
a relationship revolving around companionship with no issue related
“hooks.” You love, admire and adore each other for who you are with no

5) As you further evolve, you re-unite with your “twin” who is a total
reflection of you.

Being together is like being with yourself and you feel a unity to
Source as never before.

6) You don’t seem to care much about anything and nothing seems to
matter anymore.

You have evolved out of the Old way of being of drama and emotions.

7) You have lost your interest in the “New Age” arena.

8) You KNOW that all your needs are met, and always will be.

9) You no longer have the desire or need to make things happen, “to
try,” or “to fix” anything. You understand and practice “allowing”,
“acceptance”, “being” and “intent”.

10) You can no longer relate to mental and analytical processes.

You now relate to “feeling”.

11) You no longer care what anyone thinks about you or anything else.

12) You understand that there is no right or wrong, good or bad, black or white.

Everything just IS. In fact, you realize up is down, left is right and
right is wrong!

13) You finally realize that there is no dark, only Light. The
appearance of lack of Light is simply to provide a contrast to spur us
on to creating what really feels good. All energy is always going in
the same direction, supporting the Light.

14) You have lost your desire to read books or gather any more new
information as you are now much more connected to Source, and can
gather it “directly” by being, feeling and “knowing.”

15) Your health improves and/or you experience a miracle-like healing
of a long-standing physical ailment.

16) You crave a simplicity in all things and require and thrive on
simple processes, simple desires and a very simple lifestyle.

17) You begin to experience a flow to life at a slow leisurely pace,
where you need not do anything you do not really wish to. Everything
falls into your lap. You experience much basking, savouring and
gratitude for the simple things in life.

18) You only desire to do what is yours to do and no longer have a
life full of mundane “responsibilities”. When much releasing has been
completed you are then left with a purified you… a gold nugget of
your Divine expression. This is your contribution to the New World.

19) You easily pick up the thoughts, feelings, desires and needs of
others, as you are becoming empathetic/telepathic.

20) You can control your emotions, your experiences and create your
world with your mind and intent without doubt or fear, as you have
Purified Yourself of all Human illusions, possessing nothing but Pure
Intentions for the Highest Good of All.

21) Your surrounding environment has little effect on you. You don’t
take things personally. Nothing is really worth getting that upset

22) You have an unquenchable thirst for creativity. The enormous
amount of energy running through you demands an outlet. You feel most
as home and in alignment with Source when you are in your passion and

23) You laugh a lot and find many things amusing and funny.

24) You have a heightened love and compassion for all living things.
You are also experiencing higher states and more frequent state of
love and joy.

25) You live in the moment without a “day planner”. Things just
naturally unfold day-by-day and moment-by-moment. All stress is gone.

26) You feel incredible peace. There is a distinct absence of fear and
you feel safe.

27) Your inner child seems to have disappeared (relating to issues and wounds),

although you love to play and frolic. Much of the time you just want
to play, play and play!

28) You begin to have an understanding about how everything is
connected. You understand that there are no mistakes.

Remember Your Radiance!

“To continue one’s journey in the darkness with one’s footsteps guided
by the illumination of remembered radiance is to know courage of a
peculiar kind––the courage to demand that light continue to be light
even in the surrounding darkness.” –Howard Thurman



 Article #2


By Denise Le Fay

I see daily Search terms on my Stats page here from increasing numbers of people searching for information about why they’re feeling inner body vibrations; why they’re smelling smokey burning incense; why they’re having excessive inner heat (hot flashes) in their bodies that radiate outward and so on. I thought it was time to try again to help more people being activated now to better understand what they’re experiencing and why.
Over the years I’ve written several articles about the many Ascension symptoms, about Kundalini rising and its symptoms, and about the Rewiring of the Body and Brain. The bottom-line is that all of these symptoms, all of these unusual experiences are the same Process. They all are Ascension symptoms, Kundalini symptoms, because they’re one and the same thing.

What better, faster way to transmute all our lower frequencies and unresolved, polarized, suppressed, ignored, wounded, fearful, traumatized, unprocessed and unloved parts than the intense Alchemical firestorm that Kundalini rising is? Why would mass numbers of people around the world all be having spontaneous, unsolicited Kundalini rising now? Because of the planetary and species Ascension Process. Why is the Ascension Process happening now in our lifetimes? Because the cycle is completing and it’s time to break free and evolve out from under the multidimensional negativity and suppression.
To help humanity with this rapid and compressed evolutionary process, higher dimensional Light energies are repeatedly released in Waves of Light (think Aquarian energy waves ) from the cosmos, the Milky Way Galactic Center, and our Sun (via solar flares, CME’s etc.) to trigger humanity and Earth to integrate polarities, purge, transmute, and transform energetically. In other words, to evolve/ascend to a higher level of consciousness and being.

These symptoms can last for many years for many people. Other people go through them or only some of them in shorter periods. Fear not.

  • repeated intense inner body heat “hot flashes”, hands and/or bottoms of feet extremely hot, spine, back, head, entire body heat
  • extreme sweating with every Kundalini hot flash
  • repeated cold flashes, inner body cold spots, certain chakra areas turn cold for periods
  • inner body electrical-like vibrations, buzzing, inner shaking, slowly moving inner energy vibrations
  • extra electricity in your body, constantly getting zapped when you touch things
  • muscle spasms, twitching, itching, strange sensations on or under the skin, nerve sensitivity
  • pains & pressures in areas of spine, pressures so intense it blows certain vertebra out-of-place
  • mental confusion, inability to focus mentally, temporary loss of certain words, names, terms etc.
  • sudden mood changes, intense anger, frustration, sadness, joy, bliss, repulsion of all things negative
  • going a little “crazy” for periods
  • uncontrollably voicing your extreme anger & repulsion over all things negative
  • clairvoyantly seeing lights, seeing other dimensional Beings
  • smelling smokey burning incense when none is physically there
  • clairaudiently hearing non-physical sounds, voices, words, clicks, buzzing, unrecognizable sounds
  • sudden waves of nausea
  • sudden waves of dizziness, sense of falling, sense of tipping over, dropping through the floor etc.
  • sudden onset of or increase of allergies
  • sudden onset of chemical sensitivity
  • severe sensitivity to sounds, smells, lights, heat, cold, energies, other people, lower energies, lower consciousness etc.
  • sudden eating/food changes, craving more protein foods, needing very light foods, small amounts, eating at different times etc.
  • difficulty digesting all foods, inability to drink alcohol, take drugs etc.
  • phases of diarrhea, bowel sensitivities, bloating, pains & pressures
  • severe belly bloat, swelling in the gut & upper diaphragm area, the “Buddha Belly” thing
  • intense phases of pain in the head, pressures in the head, skull sore and bruised feeling
  • inability to physically be around people and/or large groups of people
  • inability to function, need for privacy & quiet to survive all you’re living through
  • hair falling out, breaking, not growing, weak undernourished hair
  • nightmares, archetypal dreams, lucid dreams
  • positive & negative psychic experiences, psychic attacks while awake & asleep
  • sudden unexpected out-of-body experiences
  • repeatedly coming awake at specific times of the night–3:00, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 AM etc.
  • inability to sleep, inability to stay asleep
  • needing to sleep and get out-of-body during the day, exhaustion naps etc.
  • profound physical exhaustion, emotional exhaustion, mental exhaustion
  • body weakness, muscle weakness, lethargy, achy body, bones, joints
  • hyper states, restless, edgy, can’t relax, can’t rest or be comfortable, mind races despite exhausted body
  • extreme emotional phases, crying, weeping, mourning, feeling love for all beings etc.
  • glorious changes and expansions in consciousness, perceptions, quantum knowing things vs. linear thinking
  • major ego dismantling

There are many more symptoms but you should have a sense of how intense, strange and multidimensional most of the Ascension Kundalini symptoms are. What’s really important about all this is that it’s happening to you and to increasing numbers of people every minute of every day now and why. Again, fear not because it’s a positive sign of our compressed evolution, our expanding consciousness and all the positive things that naturally comes with it.

Denise Le Fay

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  3. Hmm it looks like your blog ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I submitted and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any points for rookie blog writers? I’d definitely appreciate it.

    1. Sorry if your 1st comment was lost but we were switching the site over & locking it down for security reasons. There are many blog trainings available online including ‘Blog Secrets’, which may have an updated version out by now.

      Also as a tip…NEVER allow your blog to be used for spam or advertizing by others in the comment section. We will more than likely be limiting any future comments on this blog…again for security reasons. To many hackers & people with malicious actions have caused this to be the norm for alternative sites.

      Best of luck to you.

  4. Hey, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your website in Safari, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.

    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up!

    Other then that, great blog!

    1. It’s the Internet Explorer that is the problem. Old browser that just doesn’t work well with the modern internet. Try using Mozilla Firefox.

    1. This is part of the process we as BEings on this planet are going through. Drink loads water and rest when your body needs it. Try to eat healthier…giving your body what it needs. Meditate daily & ask your guides & angels for guidance & to help you through the process. Not much else you can do, as it is part of the evolutionary process.

  5. I am feeling all of this at the moment and have been for awhile. I feel myself vibrating and I am feeling pleasurable from all of this while crying and feeling new at the same time. Is all of this even real or just within the mind?

  6. It is insane that I have been feeling this way, even more so throughout this year….lots of stomach problems, nothing I eat satisfies me, and I hear buzzing very early in the morning, but it stops as soon as I stand up….I am able to predict things and empathize with people well more now, and I have been noticing just alllllll these changes in me…the inside of my head is like a radio station…I feel so out of place, in the friendships I hold and the people I interact with…how can I connect with other people that are like me? I feel so lonely, and yet part of me keeps feeling that there is something much bigger, I feel like I’m being prepared for something but I don’t know what. Please help me.

    1. Hi Rose

      There are other websites & Facebook groups loaded with ‘Awakened or Awakening’ people. Start with FB & start looking at people’s posts…you will find people that are like you!!


  7. Thank you so much for your post. I’ve gone through a lot of these symptoms, but what prompted me to search was my intense inner body vibrations. I already work with Kundalini energy, as a Reiki Master/Teacher, but THIS, as I now see, is a WHOLE other level. Your post brought me peace as well as a direction. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

  8. This post has definitely gave me insight as I needed. I have been going through this for the past 5 years on and off. This past year or 2 had been very rough going through this process. I’ve put myself in a mental hospital and since have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I know I am on the right pathbecause I keep being shown guidance with my guides that come along. I’m struggling with the physical pain from this and the mental confusion, I keep pushing every day but it gets harder on some days then in between I will get that glimpse of the heaven on earth peace that helps reassure me that it’s all part of the process. My question is I know I have something blocking me keeping me in this place I keep trying to surrender to spirit but it just hasn’t seemed to let up , do you have any advice on how to ease the pain and mental confusion of all this? And how to stay grounded and still be a mother through this?

  9. IT has been a long road up the mountain, but i am not finishing my 9th stage and making preparations to manifest the new age into existance where my merkaba affects. its the size of a state in width and infinite in height. Though there are enemies working to stop my work, they can only slow me down, never stop me. By thought at a drop of a dime I can willfully activate all my chakras releasing an aura of bioelectricity through out my entire body making all my hair stand staright up with a rush of adrenaline that allows me to even break through things if needed. My pupils expand and contract when my ki is activated and immidiately my senses heighten to a point where i can see,feel,hear, and sense things around me… for example, sensing who is coming through my front door without looking out. I am able to remember all my past lives and it makes easier to understand where your old fears and phobias came from. Many wars have i fought, but here for one last one… The angels observe me and analyze me thinking im not aware of them. I suggest to anyone to be true to your heart and everything else will follow. My destiny here has been extremely difficult due to the experiences ive had to surpass at a young age, but thanks to the fountain of youth I have kept a strong mind and heart to overcome it all. Being 25 now, I still look 16 and my body ages very slowy due to the absence of time within my being. Be kind to others and surrender to your heartful emotions. Dont be afraid to let people see you cry. We are ever existing and here for a reason all of us. To be chosen to be here, is a great honor. With every ounce of ME I will fight for your freedom. with love, ME33

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