Arrests and Changes ~ Galactic Federation of Light 3/3/12

Arrests and Changes ~ Galactic Federation of Light 3/3/12

Channeled Through Greg Giles

Soon your sun will recede below your equatorial line, and when it
emerges again your world will have begun its new day. This is how it
will happen for you. You will go to sleep at night and when you awaken
you will have found yourself emerged in the proceedings you have worked
hard on manifesting and that have been spoken of many times. You will
receive no further advanced warning than the notice we have been
furnishing you for a while now. You have been asked to prepare and have
also been told that the time to be prepared is already upon you.

The changes you wish to see in your world will come as a thief in the
night. One moment your world will carry on with the hustling and
bustling of the old paradigm, then suddenly, nothing that you have come
to know as your reality will ever be the same. This is the kind of
change we are talking about, and this the kind of change you will
experience. This is why your task to prepare yourselves and as many
other souls as is possible is so important to the smooth functioning of
this operation. Please continue to spread the news of what is about to
transpire. We greatly appreciate your efforts and assure you that it
will be soon that this phase of your mission will be completed and all
that has been discussed will be yours.

What will happen is a complete and thorough uprooting of the
organizations of your world who have engaged in agendas and activities
to pilfer the people’s money and resources as well as strip them of
their rights and their health in order to further imprison them in their
own world. These are, of course, very serious charges, and that is one
of the reasons much work has had to be done behind the scenes before
justice could be dispensed. We have reached the point where all the
necessary paperwork and initial legal proceedings are completed, and the
time has now come to begin these arrests of the leaders and
participants of the criminal empire we have referred to as the Cabal.
The Cabal, of course, is not an official name of any of these groups, as
there are so many different groups and individuals who swear their
alliance to them that using only one of these group’s names would send a
wrong message of who is controlling your world and who will soon be
facing justice for their crimes. There are also many individuals who
have conspired and have taken part in these many crimes who do not
consider themselves allied with any particular organization. They too
will face the consequences of their actions, and will be held just as
responsible as those affiliated with any of these groups.

There are many of these individuals and many groups as well involved
in serious crimes against you, the people, and through these arrests and
many more to come in the following days ahead our intentions are to
destroy these alliances. Your world would always be a tumultuous place
with these dark ones permitted to use their powers of the collective to
plot and scheme against the people. It has been decided by all involved
that these organizations must be abolished, and abolished they will be.
They will not be permitted to regroup again. We see this as one of the
most significant events in the history of your world, and our hopes are
that many of you will as well….

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