Archangel Raphael on Heavenly Blessings, August 9, 2012


Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael on Heavenly Blessings, August 9, 2012

Graham Dewyea and Linda Dillon, channel for The Council of Love.


(Andrew: The transcript has been edited to remove the meditation instructions and similar matters)

Heavenly Blessings  08-09-12  Archangel Raphael

Graham Dewyea:  Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, I’m Graham Dewyea. Tonight our guest is Archangel Raphael. We’ll be talking about the experience of disease and illness in the context of the Ascension process.

Well Linda, welcome

Linda Dillon: Thanks, good to be here as always. I think we’ve got a really hot topic and an interesting topic to talk about tonight and I think it’s a timely subject for us to be addressing, particularly in the context of what’s happening with our bodies, with our mental bodies, our emotional bodies, our physical bodies during the Ascension process.

And I also think it’s a chance for us to discuss with this on-line community, this radio community, this InLight community, to talk about an issue that sometimes is really highly charged, not that we’re here to fix anything but rather to come together to really gain some insight into ourselves and into each other and into the nature of dis-ease and maybe why we get sick or how we get sick or how we work with those who are sick around us.

GD: Well it’s such a relevant topic, if it’s not for us individually we certainly know people, friends and family and others who are challenged with physical changes, symptoms and dis-ease, and who hasn’t in their life experienced some form of challenge with the physical body and right now with the clearing that’s happening and with the changes to our bodies I think it’s fair to say that we’re all experiencing changes and discomfort at the minimum, wouldn’t you say?

LD: Yeah and I think part of that is I think it brings forward greater compassion for those who are in situations where they really have experienced some real challenges, some real health challenges. And you know when you’re ill and I guess when I was thinking about it, getting ready for the show, I was thinking there’s all these different kinds of “being sick” or feeling sick and that was the term that the Council wanted me and guided me to use for today and for some of the writing I’ve been doing.

Because feeling sick it tells us it’s about feeling and it’s not denying there’s a physical reality but when we feel out of balance, out of sorts, when we feel like we’re not ourselves it’s a feeling and it’s a feeling that needs to be acknowledged and sometimes it’s a major dis-ease or sometimes it’s a major trauma, or a chronic condition or sometimes it’s just something that comes upon us, for a few days we feel sick. And then we have a choice to either go with it or not go with it. But we’ll get into all of that and I’m sure our listeners have lots of input into this subject.

GD: Anything you’d like to say about Archangel Raphael before we come on? He came on to our show, we’ve done 22 shows so far, we’ve been on about 23 weeks – there is one week we didn’t have a show but we’ve packed a lot in over time. And one of our earlier shows, the 3rd show we had and you can go back to this on March 22, Archangel Raphael came and talked about healing and was healing the planets and healing certainly on a personal level but he is the Archangel of Healing of the planet and certainly an integral part of this Ascension process.

LD: And Archangel Raphael has really stepped forward lately. He’s usually one of the more quiet Archangels, the feeling I always get about Raphael is that he’s going about his business and he’s taking care of all of us and the planet and the galaxies but he hasn’t tended to talk a lot.

But in the last month or so he has really been very front and center because, of course the whole Ascension process is also part of that, a key part of that is healing every thing that’s happened, everything that’s happened to each of us, what we’ve experienced, what we’re letting go, what we’re clearing, what we’re bringing in, the higher vibration, we have to be strong and heal to hold that vibration, healing the planet, working with the kingdoms. So I think rather than talk about Raphael I’d just like to give him a few minutes for words of welcome.

GD: Sounds great.

Archangel Raphael: Greetings, I AM Raphael.

GD: Hello and welcome.

AAR: Welcome to you, all of you. I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am to be invited back and to speak to your hearts, your minds, your bodies, your souls about this issue of healing, about this issue of dis-ease, of imbalance.

But first, as we begin this night, the last time we spoke I gave you my Emerald Flame and I wish to re-ignite it and to give it to you again and I am placing it directly in your heart, yes along with the Blue Flame of Truth, the Magenta Flame of Compassion and your own beautiful bright tri-flame.

I give you this flame tonight to carry always as you go forward, my beloved humans, starseeds, angels, earth-keepers, I give it to you to heal right now, in this moment, issues of separation, of shame, of guilt, of fear, of anger and most significantly of judgment.

This topic that I have asked Graham and Linda to open to discussion is fraught with judgment and yes I could probably ask you to take many months to discuss this one topic, but dear hearts this can also be eased and healed, miraculously cured right now. Healing can absolutely occur instantaneously.

It is not always the way and one of the things that we will speak of tonight is “What do you do when healing does not occur at all?” “How do you rise up and maintain your faith and courage and hope as you ascend into the 5th where there is no pain or illness or suffering?” So let us begin. I am eager, you are eager, let us start.

GD: Well thank you very much for coming and visiting with us tonight and I do see this as such a timely and relevant discussion for many and yes, this issue of judgment and I really appreciate that you spoke to that and that we will be getting into that.

One question I would like to lead us off with is this idea of healing being able to occur instantaneously. Could you speak to, please, the difference between the soul coming in, incarnating on earth and assuming, electing to embody or take on a body with a physical impairment or a disability for the purpose of raising awareness of others or for themselves. And so if that person or individual has a soul contract to assume that, their intent on the ego level, on a heart level to try to heal that may not be in accordance with their soul contract. Is that right?

AAR: That is absolutely correct and those who arrive with what you call a disability, a dis-ease, an impairment, something that is limiting them whether it is physically or emotionally or mentally are among the bravest, strongest, the most compassionate, sweetest of souls. They come as teachers; there is not one of them that is not a teacher of compassion, of courage, of tenacity.

They are a gift and they are a gift to the collective, they are a gift to their families, they are a gift to their communities. In some societies of earth this is recognized and accepted. But too often it is seen as a shortcoming, as something that is wrong or missing in the individual. So I am pleased that you have begun the conversation in this place, Graham, because it is important when you look at someone who is suffering, whether they are feeling healthy, but their impairment is still present, they are suffering, make no mistake about it.

And that teaches compassion, that gives every human being who has the opportunity to interact with that individual the opening to practice love, to practice healing so that the suffering component is not there even if the disability or the special nature of this person still remains not healed….

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