Archangel Indriel. The Colors Of Your World. By AuroRa Le. May 1, 2012

Archangel Indriel. The Colors Of Your World

By AuroRa Le. May 1, 2012
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Throughout the Universe, everything is artfully awash in
color of a brilliance unimaginable. Every being is, at heart, a
Starburst. Every Starburst is a sweet expression of one unique aspect of
The Divine. You, Beloveds, are Starbursts. You have stashed away your
secret brilliance in a third dimensional guise, while you toil
ceaselessly upon the planet Earth. Every Starburst is like a firework, a
blazing explosion of light and color. Each color is but an expression
of your own unique story and a reflection of your particular missions of
valor. Combine these colors with the essence of the Ray you call your
own, and behold your incomparable beauty! You are Light, dear
children. You are sparkle, tone and shades so heartrendingly lovely
that the human eye can scarce perceive them. What are your colors, do
you know? Many do, but if you do not, I beg of you to ask us – your
devoted family members and guides. Sit silently and call our names;
you need only call once and we will come. Go within and place all of
your awareness into the region of your third eye. Allow yourself time
for the visions to take form. What do you see? Swirls of color dancing
round against the backdrop of your vision? A shape? A symphony of
design? A glimmering flash? Quite possibly you will simply get a feeling,
as for the clairsentient this is the manner in which data is most
easily perceived. No matter. Knowing the myriad of colors that
comprise your auric field is an essential part of sef-rediscovery,
and there are many practitioners around you who recognize this. I
encourage you to visit one of these gifted souls and allow them to
assist you, should you be unable to see the colors for yourselves. Take
stock of the colors you see and feel, because they are your very own.
Indeed, dear ones, you have discovered yet another piece if the puzzle
that is you!

Next we move on to look about your homes and to gaze into the
mirror, taking stock of your possessions and decor, your favorite
wearing apparel. No doubt there is a pattern you see forming here. Do
you notice a theme in which shades you favor most to adorn yourself and
your living space? Are these colors calming, soothing, resonant? Is
your home, in truth, your sacred space? Explore the contents of your
closet and ask; “Are these raiments reflective of who I am as a being,
as a fully integrated and conscious reflection of God’s Holy Grace? Are
these my special auric tones? Do they make me happy, confident,
feeling like MySelf?” Granted, all color is beautiful and
variety is ever so wonderful, but I say to you there are some that are a
true reflection of the spirit within….

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