Agartha, from the Inner to the Outer Light Worker


Agartha, from the Inner to the Outer Light Worker

By FatherMotherGod… – Posted on 15 August 2012

15 August 2012 Patrick Sullivan

Lona/Rai: Hello Patrick we are glad to be co-communicating once again.

Pat: I am glad to be together again!

Lona: We do have some dimensional news for those that would choose to hear. The time is upon us to move from the inner to the outer. We mean this metaphorically and for us here within Gaia, physically and dimensionally.

As a light worker or any being that deliberately chooses growth, or for those that are non-deliberate or as is termed ‘under the veil’, in the creation of their life we have known that the outer life of a being is mostly a reflection of that which is inside, emotions and thoughts. This experience is neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’ as termed. If one is happy within then there usually is an abundance of experiences and people that are joyous in nature within and without that person.
We ask that you be deliberate in that which you seek, make conscious decisions as to that which you choose to experience. We have felt that most of those working for and in the light are of the deliberate type, they actively choose more joy, more peace and harmony in their lives. These feelings are beneficial to your experiences in that those personal experiences of hope and joy bypass fear.

We also have been asked to assist in stationing our ships above the skies of the surface world. Several more races of beings have been asked to assist with these decisions and you will begin to see more different shaped crafts in your night skies. This has been purposefully designed to help acclimate people that are unaware to become fearful less and less. There will then be more showings in the daylight skies as more acclimation is regarded as important.
Pat: How can we assist?

Lona: Our high council has had plans in place for eons now in conjunction with other beings in the universe of how the humans on the surface will assist. As we have mentioned before, you all have agreed to this plan before your construct of your many lifetimes here in the lower densities of the surface of Gaia. There will be nothing any of you will need to ‘do’ for it will be intuitive when the time arrives, which will be different for each individual.

Pat: Do you have your people on the surface?

Lona: Our ‘people’ are on the surface but can stay only for short periods of time due to the lower vibrations that exist in the 3rd dimensions. We find it difficult to remain comfortable after a period of time, usually a few weeks, some of us can remain on the surface for months as they have become accustomed.

Their help is currently active and their choice to assist is one that is honored by our own race. They assist with the expectation of receiving nothing in return but solely for the joy of experiencing and being a part of this historic event. And this is an historic event. A planet and its people do not grow from darkness into light in such a short period of time as Gaia and its surface inhabitants are in this moment of the now.

What makes ascension even more important, such as what you are experiencing on your planet, is that the people of the planet have collectively mobilized and continued to move forward even when placing themselves up to ridicule, having people being dismissive toward them and even being ‘shunned’ (we like that word) by those that have been friends and family. What is most exciting for us of the upper dimensions, whom monitor all on the surface, is those working with and within the light are determined, you all have persevered and some at personal expense.

Those of you that have worked for these moments of the now for a long period of time, we here in Agartha and our brothers and sisters in the space above and those that are formless hope you see the signs of the societal restraints previously held in a grip by the few have loosened.

You can see that the signs now are much less subtle. The magnificent craft that have gently placed themselves above your cities recently, there are bankers that have removed themselves from positions of power, most hoping not to be a part of the rodeo roundup that is taking place, as well as legal indictments that are being handed down by your tribunals. Politicians are jumping ship or are switching sides or simply reversing their stance, some do not know why as we have assisted them in changing their unpopular political positions. Those that have been corrupted will be thinking about what is truly important for the people as their paymasters are being removed.

The most exciting aspect of this change of guards is the unfettering determination of the people that have been impacted most; you of the surface. This ascension, as most of you realize, has been planned for millennia of your time and we of the higher dimensions have been startled to witness your peoples of the surface that have consciously and collectively worked toward a common purpose, to do just that; to bring light and allow your love to permeate even to those that have deliberately chosen to harm. This is a shift of galactic proportions; no need to retaliate. You on the surface have not chosen to allow the dark, the cabal, the ‘bad guys’ to pull you back into where it is they would want you, where it is they believe their power exists those emotions to seek revenge, to be bitter, to be angry, to be fearful of their big guns and even those in the dark have been caught ‘off guard’ at how you have willfully not chosen those experiences.

When you say that actions speak louder than words, the experiences of you reading this have created and preserved that proclamation with your meditations, the deliberate lack of fear, the choice to persevere, even when danger was present, the making a conscious choice not to be yanked back into fear based stories and to be understanding of those with fear and those that are unaware. These attributes of you in the light have completely amazed us of the inner earth and our galactic brothers and sisters and even the formless ones. We also tell you that the dark has been completely dumbfounded as their tired tricks are being revealed and not adhered to.

There only needed to be a few that would continue with this work, and the few of you know who you are. We appreciate and honor you.
Pat: Thank you Lona. We appreciate how you all have gently nudged us in directions that perhaps we did not know why at the time we were going but in retrospect we see that these little taps on the shoulder so to speak were necessary for certain events to happen for the collective and also individually.

Lona/Rai: We thank you all. You will be seeing our tube shaped ships more and more as the next minutes of the now pass by. Please give us a wave as we enjoy that you are able to notice. You will be amazed at how little people actually gaze into the sky. Not just a cursory glance, but actually scan the heavens. We know why those of you in the light choose to look up and choose to scan and can now see the results of your wonderfully loving work

We shall meet again, we know you are leaving town with your beautiful boy and wish you well on your journey. We shall always be near. We thank you for your beautiful blue light you send to us.

Pat: Thank you both.

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