The Act of Kindness ~ Archangel Gabriel 26 April 2012

The Act of Kindness ~ Archangel Gabriel 26 April 2012

Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah)

Beloved Ones,

We wish to have discourse on the quality of Love called kindness. This quality moves within the hearts of people and encourages them to put themselves into the place of the other person thereby feeling empathy for the situation they are in and then, showing these Ones kindness by performing deeds or actions or saying a few words that express this empathy by the act of kindness. This quality has been known to virtually change the lives of people who were in a place in their life’s journey that could have gone in a downward spiral.

Kindness has the effect of heartening individuals when they most need it. It moves people’s hearts to express the other qualities of Love towards each other. If a person who was down on their luck experienced kindness by receiving help in whatever form was needed by those around them, their hearts would not experience pain or suffering but rather would they be uplifted and inspired to continue to persevere until their wheel of fortune changed for the better. Kindness in the form of generosity of monetary donation when it was perceived that it was needed is another example of how this quality can contribute to another’s journey to encourage them to keep moving forward.

The World is filled with people who have kindness of the heart. Their small and random acts leave a warm feeling within the hearts of those who were on the receiving end of this quality and will usually find themselves smiling and uplifted. Life takes on a more positive focus when kindness from others is given. Usually kindness is expressed by small acts and deeds such as helping someone to cross a street, holding open a door for another, giving up One’s place in the line so another can take it. It is manifested in neighbors who help out when your pet needs looking after when you must go out of town for a few days or if your babysitter became ill and you needed to be at work so they offer to watch your child for you. These acts of kindness were crucial for those who needed that help and received it so that their lives were not disrupted in a challenging and stressful manner…..

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