4-4-12 Kauilapele Message…”Message for this Moment of Time”

4-4-12 Kauilapele Message…”Message for this Moment of Time”

Posted on April 4, 2012

This one (Kp) has recently not been in the “channeling” mode, or even
in the message-receiving mode. Not sure why. But just at this moment I
heard, “We are sending you something tonight. Be ready to write.” So
here I am sitting here before my computer, waiting to scribe what comes.


Message for this Moment of Time
[4-3-12, 2353 HST]

We welcome all who read this message, given through this communicator
that lives on the island called “Hawaii”, in Hawaii. We are not saying
precisely where we are from, as that is irrelevant to this message. We
will say that we are from a group of Higher Dimensional beings that has
collected here around your planet to assist in the final crustal
adjustment for your planet.

This communicator/transmitter [KP] here tries to understand why
“final crustal adjustment” is not in the plural. That is to be expected
from the analytical mind. Recall the first four letters of that word,
“analytical”, and you will understand.

[4-4-12, 2125 HST, Continued…]

In the sphere of rainbow shimmering rays, filaments of light, we are
saying to you that this is the essence of your new world. The next
world, you might call it. But recall that any of this is available to
you through your inner sense, from a place of peace within. This may be
seen. And is not only seen by many, but also is teir state of being.
This is their world already, right now, precisely because they are in
the “right now”….

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