So Much Can Be Possible for Your World and for Your People ~ Galactic Federation of Light 5/22/12

So Much Can Be Possible for Your World and for Your People ~ Galactic Federation of Light 5/22/12

Channeled Through Greg Giles

With our help and our assistance so much can be possible for your world and for your people. There is no longer any need for anyone on your planet to suffer at the hands of lack and scarcity. We have the means and the technology to allow each soul incarnate in your world today to thrive beyond anything that has been imagined by many of you throughout all of your incarnations into the physical. There is nothing that cannot be accomplished once we set out to reach a new goal and assist a world reach a new height for their civilization.

Today here in your world there is a plan unfolding. This plan has been carefully laid out by many minds of the higher realms for many eons of time. This plan is not a loose fitting of different pieces and proposals from different peoples and different sectors of the overall operation. Instead, this plan is a tightly knit fusion of ideas and concepts of many great minds from many highly established civilizations that exist and that thrive throughout this universe. There has been no stone left unturned, and there has not been one area of this operation that has not been meticulously studied and carefully planned to bring about extraordinary change for your people and your planet.

We come with many valuable gifts for you that will alter the means to which you currently survive and how you currently entertain yourselves in the forms of recreation, including your avenues of musical and artistic expression. As part of these many changes, you will experience upgrades in your transportation systems, your waste disposal systems, your library systems, and your oceanic systems which will entail the rerouting of certain water arteries that can cause future problems for your world.

These changes are great and they are many, but they are not anything that we cannot handle and have not performed many times before. Our command is comprised of many highly trained and skilled members of personnel, and there is no area of each and every endeavor we undertake that is not fully and competently staffed by teams that specialize in specific fields of science, of agriculture, of geology, of psychology, of health, of wealth and resources. We look so forward to sharing with you our wide ranging expertise in these fields of operation and many more as well. We have been studying your world for a long period of time and we understand as greatly as even some of your academics in specific fields what needs to be done, what changes need to be made and how precisely to approach these changes and carry them out to the successful metamorphosis of the many and varied systems that today comprise the inner mechanics of your society.

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