The world peace invitation and release of technology: The 2nd international presentation: How to become an axis of evil


The world peace invitation and release of technology: The 2nd international presentation: How to become an axis of evil


We have been asked to make our point clear about the upcoming expected and possible war between Iran and US.

We release the new information below to pre-empt any new plans for a new war in the world and as a prelude to our conference in September.

We explain here how nations like Iran are made to look as if they become an axis of evil in the eyes of the international community through pre-planned actions of some nations to start new international crises.

Prepare yourselves as this will be a long read, but it is important that one understands why we call upon nations for our upcoming meeting. We are fully aware of what we are releasing and now we want not only the nations but the citizens of the earth to understand the real depth of the Foundation’s knowledge of the hidden working of all nations and the reasons for our actions, even though sometimes they look as if they are against our ethos. (Please advise if you see any mistakes in the text for them to be corrected.)

The second part of this statement will be released soon by the Foundation.

For those who do not know, here we lay the groundwork for the effort of the Foundation for the peace conference due on the 6th of September of 2012 in Keshe foundation centre in Belgium.


Our firm belief is that:

There shall be no war between Iran, Israel and US, as the latter have more and may be all to lose if such an action takes place, and this is a clear message from this Foundation. If you are interested to know why we give such an indication please take note of the following paragraphs in this open letter.

How any nations become an axis of evil according to the pre-mandated action of the real evildoers of the earth is easy to understand and to be seen and read as follows:

As most of the readers of this forum know and some have listened to my previous interviews over the past years, they know my education background and my work.

It is important to make clear some points for all readers and the world audience to know how every nation can become an axis of evil according to the agreement signed by President Reagan and Mrs Thatcher in the late seventies and the establishment of the nuclear triad connection between the USA, UK and France.

There shall be no war between Iran, Israel and US, as the latter have more and may be all to lose if such an action takes place, and this is a clear message from this Foundation.

In my early work at the British nuclear classified site, I had an opportunity to read the proposal and documents which made it clear to me that the future of the world nuclear industry was well set and with agreement of the above three nations the act of making every nation an axis of evil was signed and sealed by the leaders of these countries for the control of power and energy resources of the future.

In this agreement the process was initiated of bringing the world economy to its knees and starting the second process of slavery of all nations as they did in earlier centuries with opium, but this time using the nuclear industry as the whip of threat and control.

In late seventies it was agreed that the British use US military might to force and attack nations and then rob all nations of their resources and then control them through nuclear power supply systems and control of nuclear fuel started by the British.

To make the triad work, the British gave the right of manufacturing the nuclear power stations even for the UK to the US and their companies, with the carrot that the UK even stopped with immediate effect all new research in development and building of new nuclear British designed power stations and the UK started the closure of all the nuclear power station capabilities of its own design.

In return the British under the disguise of helping the US accepted the proliferation and recycling of nuclear fuel worldwide. This is the most lucrative part of the nuclear industry long term.

At the same time with proliferation the UK in the future can force nations to its will because if materials are not processed they cannot operate their nuclear power stations.

As nations need new fuel rods, their energy supply becomes slave to UK generosity and colonial power pressures as in past centuries.

At the moment this process has already started as the UK has been practising its reprocessing system by profiteering from fuel for Japan and Germany in the past decades.

At the same time to keep the French on board, part of the structural work in Europe and the nuclear fuel production of Europe were given to the French.

Thus in this triad of nations, they have shared out the future of the world energy supply between each other in such a way that once the oil runs out or they create oil crises, these three nations excluding Russia and China will become the controllers of the energy for Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South America.

Now let us explain how nations become an axis of evil like the nation of Iran through this triad of the nuclear control through deliberate and false accusation and by controlling present world media.


  • Primarily it has to be understood that Iran has been and is self-sufficient in producing raw nuclear material.

In the mid-fifties the US used to take uranium from the mines of Hamadan in the south central regions of Iran for their nuclear processing and fuel supply, and this is well documented in international shipments of uranium.

Now these mines are in the hands of the Iranian nation, thus Iran does not need to purchase any fuel and is using its own natural resources for its future fuel processing and fuel production and Iran even has surpluses of raw material to support other power stations of other nations if it is needed in the region for their future power supply.

Thus Iran has and can become a fuel supplier and competitor to the French and US pieces of the cake of the present organised nuclear triad.


  • Secondly Iranian nuclear scientists through the help of the US in the past and presently through work with Russian scientists have gained enough knowledge to build nuclear reactors for power generation.

Thus with the newly gained knowledge by home-grown and taught nuclear engineers and scientists, Iran now can and has cut into the piece of the cake of the US power generation manufacturing market.

Now Iran becomes another financial threat to a member of nuclear triad, the USA.

By the same measure, Iranian aircraft engineers, being boycotted for parts by US sanctions, have made a full working Boeing 747 jetliner in Iran in the past five years to service the fleet of Iran jet liners and now one can buy exact parts of these craft in even better quality from Iran than from the US.

From producing these systems Iran is now using the same knowledge in building aircraft and has gained the full capability to produce the spaceship program craft of the present trials using Iranian scientists.

Thus the boycott has given Iran the advantage and step up for the new spaceship program systems that have left NASA in the dark ages of space technology….

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