Weighing Anchor for Ascension ~ Ashtar Command 8/29/12


Weighing Anchor for Ascension ~ Ashtar Command 8/29/12

Channeled through Greg Giles

Whispers of your new world are beginning to fall upon the ears of those of your people who wish to hear of these changes. We, the Ashtar Command, see these changes taking place and we see the sincere efforts of so many of you who have chosen to put aside what has been for many of you lifelong pursuits, hobbies, interests, loves and ways that you have used to fill your time and get you through another long work week and drudgery that has been for many of you a large part of your lives. This is now to change.

Replacing your drudgery and toil are new ways for you to spend your time, to fill your days, fill your minds and fill your hearts, for there is now so many more positive things that all of you can be doing with your time. We have tried in our own ways to lead as many of you as possible away from these limiting, nonproductive and unrewarding distractions. This is all we, from our perspective, can do. We cannot force any of you to do what it is you do not choose to do, and we would never attempt to force anyone or unduly persuade or influence anyone in any way, this we would never do. What we do is describe for you ways that you can now better use this short time allotted that many of you have left here in this lower dimensional world.

Many of you will we graduating, escalating, climbing, if you will, to a higher state of being, to a higher plateau, a higher realm where you will have so many more choices to fill your days with far more enjoyable, fun, exciting, rewarding and prosperous ventures than the limited selection of your choices here in your world at this time. We would like to see more of you choosing more constructive ways to bargain away your time, for many of you are simply giving your time away to unproductive and unrewarding endeavors and what we refer to as timewasters, for there are so many things we see many of you doing that cannot be described in any better term than to say you are wasting what is such a valuable asset, such a valuable commodity for you, which is time.

Time can be perceived in several different ways and one of these ways is to see it as imprisoning you, as governing your day, and another is to see it as a precious commodity, for it is in many ways as it is time that allows you to perceive yourselves, your journey and your growth much more clearly. Using time in this constructive manner would be very wise and prudent for all of you, not just some of you, and it is only some of you that we see are using your time to its greatest benefits and potential. What we suggest to you is to map out your time as if you are on a cross-country trip and you are gauging your time and gas mileage for your automobiles to get you from point A to point B. Write down how much free time you have other than time to work or care for the home, to take care of your children or to shop at the store for your groceries. Other than that we say to you what little or how much time is left is your precious store of time, your precious commodity that you must preserve and use as wisely as you can and as stringently as you can.

We wish to see you write down how much time you have and what kind of work you can be doing for the light and for yourselves in this allotted time. Then we would like you to subtract how much time you would be wasting if you were to subtract many hours of this allotted time through the watching of television or just sitting around or even reading books, for at this time there is no time for these simple pleasures. The time for you now is time to be busy, and we mean very busy. Many of you have left up to the final ticking hours room to complete your inner and outer assignments. This was never a wise plan, but many of you chose to awaken at very late stages and complete the work that you must complete in order for you to successfully ascend with the first or even second wave of ascenders. This was your choice, and we allowed you to make this choice, for it is your choice to make and as we have said, we honor, respect and obey the choices each and every one you will and have always made.

Taking this into consideration, you knew that at the end of this current cycle of your incarnate journey you would have to get extremely busy and take on a great work load, but this is how you wanted it, for this is how you felt you could get more done. You felt instead of trading some of your time to do your inner and outer work over a long period, say several years or even a decade, you felt you would rather use all of that time to experience your 3rd dimensional world and all that it had to offer, and you felt that you would curtail all these activities at the very end, say in the last year or two, and then focus and only focus upon the work that you needed to do and work that you agreed you would do for us, your teammates of the Ashtar Command and other galactic commands as well that you may be a representative of. You felt you would cram, as you call it, just like you were studying all in one night for a very lengthy and important final exam the next morning. Well, your exam is not literally tomorrow morning, but there will not be very many tomorrow mornings left for any of you. It is time to cram, and we mean cram seriously.

Do you understand the severity and urgency of the situation now? It is almost already September, and as many of you perceive, your days are now flying by. September, October, November and then December, a time that very well may be the period for many of you to experience everything that you have come here to experience which is your ascension into the higher realms. We are not making any promises that this will be the month that this happens for you, we wish to make this as absolutely clear as we can so again there are none of you who believe we have falsely made you a promise that we are not keeping. This is only a promise you can make to yourselves, for we do not know when it is you will raise your vibrations high enough to match the frequencies of the higher realms allowing you to ‘plug into’ them.

Do you understand this? Do you understand that this is what you are waiting for, and by ‘waiting’ we do not mean that you should be ‘waiting’ for this, for you should be working for this, striving for this, driving for this each and every moment of each and every day, for this is your cram session, your study period. You need to be working on yourselves to raise your vibration and working on the world around you to raise its vibration. Do we make ourselves clear here, that you are not waiting for a date nor are you waiting for us to take your hand and pull you up or come down from the skies and pick you up in our spacecraft? We hope that each and every one of you who are reading these words today fully understand this, and we ask you if you see others that are clearly demonstrating they do not understand this then please explain this to them, and you may tell them this information comes straight from the higher offices of the Ashtar Command, these are not thoughts or opinions coming from someone who may or may not know their business. This is coming from us of the higher realms who have already experienced ascension, in some cases many times, as there are many dimensions of our multidimensional universe, and we tell you that based on our seasoned experience you are not waiting for a date and you are not waiting for any outside influences to assist you. You are only waiting on yourselves, and again ‘waiting’ is not what you should be doing, working is what you should be doing.

We see many of you are doing just that. We see many of you working very diligently on your inner work as well as your outer work. To be clear; your inner work is working on yourselves, working on the things that you feel are lower dimensional aspects of yourselves, aspects of yourselves that will not match the higher vibrational aspects of yourselves, to allow you to either merge into your higher self or to ascend into the higher realms without merging into a higher self, either one of these paths for you, to clear out all your baggage, to weigh your anchors that are weighing you down.

What are some of these anchors? We say to you there are common signs that some of you display such as illicit drug use, overeating, oversleeping, the way you treat others and treat yourselves, the way you speak to others, poor decision-making that benefits no one including yourself. These are some of the common areas that we feel many of you share, and these issues need to be corrected and corrected immediately, for again, you do not have years to attend twelve step programs and you do not have years to grow out of some of these deficiencies in yourselves. You have months and just a few, and do you really wish to wait until the end of this year to begin to start clearing this heavy baggage from your boat? We say to you that you best get started, if you have not gotten started already, at this very moment as soon as you are done reading this message today.

Take pen, take paper and take stock in the areas of yourselves that you feel are conducive to higher dimensional life, and what areas are not. After completing this list, work each and every day to be able to scratch off an area of this list that is not conducive to higher dimensional existence. You should have them all scratched off well before the culmination of this great shift in dimensional consciousness and construct that may, and again we say ‘may’ as it is all up to you, make itself available and possible for you in the month of December at the end of this year. It could happen for many of you after this, we wish you to understand this, but we do not wish for you to say ‘Oh well, then I have much more time and I will fritter and waste away more days.’ We certainly do not wish to see this, and this is why we tell you that December of this year may be, let us say, the time period when the first ships will sail.

This is all we have for you today, and we wish for each and every one of you the greatest success in your endeavors and your efforts to rid yourselves of all of your lower dimensional baggage, whatever that baggage may be, and we look again for your comments today to learn more of what you feel this baggage is. If we have any advice for you or answers for you, we will share our thoughts with you in coming communications.

We love you all. We are your friends and your family of the Ashtar Command.


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