Still Want to Vote? Poll is Open until June 12… Posted on 2012/06/09

 Still Want to Vote? Poll is Open until June 12… Posted on 2012/06/09

By Kauilapele’s Blog

This poll at (love that name!) is somewhat newer than the previous Drake/Lady Dragon poll, and offers a few more choices, and is somewhat more detailed in the conditions. It gives you 6 “conditions” to vote on. I am listing the
text below, but you will need to go to this page to vote. Apparently they will tabulate the vote on June 12, so voting is open at least through June 11 (I believe).



We the People of planet Earth hereby set forth the NON-NEGOTIABLE CONDITIONS whereas to accept the COMPLETE and IRREVOCABLE PEACEFUL SURRENDER of the various Dark and Controlling factions whom have illegally and covertly usurped Human populations & societies with varying agendas intended to control, rule, manipulate, subjugate, and ultimately exterminate the majority of our Human populations. These Dark and Controlling factions have and operate under many names, structures,
titles, and organizations. Some to include but not limited to are; The Illuminati, P2 Freemasons, The Cabal, Committee of 300, Bilderberg Group, The New World Order, Rothschild Group, Rockefeller Group, Neo Nazi Bush Cabal, Federal Reserve Central Banks, European Central Banks, Shadow Government, etc, etc… all hereinafter referred to as “Cabalist´s”.

*Foundational Premise*
It is understood and assumed as a Prerequisite to and in Addition of the below conditions listed, that the Cabalist´s STAND DOWN and allow a NEW GLOBAL FINANCIAL system to be enacted and ANNOUNCED; whereas the current FIAT and FRACTIONAL RESERVE Banking and Financial protocols of the FEDERAL RESERVE & ROTHSCHILD EUROPEAN banking Cartels and their Subsidiaries, are REPLACED with a new EQUITY based & ASSET backed Financial system and Currency exchange REVALUATION globally that ALIGNS with the INTERESTS and WISHES of the World populations. (ie: uS Treasury notes vs. Fed. Reserve notes) Additionally it is demanded the immediate release of the WORLD GLOBAL SETTLEMENTS, the PROSPERITY PROGRAMS, CMKX, FARM CLAIMS and all AMERICAN INDIAN SETTLEMENTS that Congress has APPROVED yet has still not funded, be RELEASED and INITIATED.

Adjudication: In addition to COMPLETE and IRREVOCABLE PEACEFUL SURRENDER, any and all Cabalist members and their Subordinates will BE ADJUDICATED for any applicable crimes against the human populations perpetrated by the Cabalists during their initiated agendas and occupation of influential and governing positions in any capacity. These crimes and charges thereof will be applicable from any and all relevant jurisdictional arenas including Public, Private, and International
Vote here  ….

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