Uranus Retrograde: The Collapse of Satan’s Pyramid

Uranus Retrograde: The Collapse of Satan’s Pyramid

Posted By: Jordon

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Date: Sunday, 8-Jul-2012 19:21:29

Beginning July 13, 2012 the false empire that has been erected over humanity by those who serve evil and who rebel against God will experience a controlled demolition that will stun and stagger those with the eyes for it. An onslaught of covert strikes will be dealt to them from beyond the boundary of space-time that will induce sudden catastrophes, malfunctions, and terminations of their efforts to enslave and destroy life on planet Earth. As many of their leaders fall voids of authority will allow for humanity to gain vantage points that will allow for the Light to overtake once dark territory. As this ancient battle continues wondrous cultural and evolutionary changes will enthrall the citizens of Earth.his This retrograde, which ends December 13th, leads us to the doorstep of a new age. I welcome all who seek higher awareness about the momentous times in which we live to my humble interpretation of the 2012 Uranus retrograde in the House of Aries.

Chaos For Their Order
For centuries the Sons of Darkness have attempted to gain total control of the Earth with arrogant defiance and utter contempt toward the will and authority of God. Their reward during this retrograde will be a paralyzing level of disruption and disorder that will rapidly escalate into various forms of unmanageable crisis and breakdowns of command and control. This state will come by way of the following types of events: violent accidents, assassination, murder, suicides, disappearances, sudden health failures, emergency evacuations, factional war, defections, high-profile lawsuits and scandals, arrests, forced resignations, the abandonment of positions, the seizure of assets, broken alliances, insider whistleblowing, equipment failures, mass revolts, and unexpected changes of heart. The scale of the disaster will demoralize even the most loyal among them and will scatter the less dedicated like roaches under sunlight. The lawless should fear this period of time.

Media Fanfare
During this time the mainstream media will be riddled with unprecedented numbers of special reports and bulletins, many of which will interrupt regularly scheduled programming, to cover these monumental and historic events as they break. Jupiter’s Gemini influence will ensure maximum exposure in the realms of broadcast and citizen journalism, television, radio, internet, newspapers, and social media. Shame will shower those involved as the subject matter will center upon sordid topics like atrocity, human rights abuse, and high crimes. The coverage of grotesque frauds, corruption, and conspiracy will follow suit. There will be many failed attempts to conceal and distort these types of events, reports, and investigations.

Whistleblowers will play a special role as their disclosures will create instant shifts in dynamics and public perception. Many sectors of the criminal consortium will implode from pressure as free-fall collapses in trust and value occur. The industry titans who have long colluded with world government and banking institutions at the expense of the people will suffer greatly. As their masks are removed confidence and trust in them will shatter like glass blasted by bullet spray.

Checkmate Cyberspace

One of the more spectacular elements of this retrograde will focus on what occurs in cyberspace. Advanced technologies from friends in high places who are beyond the reach of retaliation will decimate the systems and technologies that are most intimately connected with warfare, spying, and gross violations of personal privacy. The agencies involved with these activities will suffer indefensible attacks, irrecoverable losses, and massive leaks of sensitive information. The international hacker group known as ANONYMOUS will be highly effective against these agencies using methods yet unseen. With time it will become clear that the element of surprise has and will always belong to the Almighty.

Revolutionary Effects
Drastic increases in collective awareness will come naturally during this period. The magnitude of the exposures will be impossible to deny or ignore and will prompt a re-ordering of the social structure from the ground up. The public will mobilize and campaign furiously against those connected to the abuse and subjugation of mankind. As their dark ranks are diminished individuals who serve the will of God will find themselves in increasingly higher stations of authority and influence. Social cohesion will surge as an ‘us versus them’ mentality spreads. Low and middle ranking defectors will align themselves with the people to produce force multiplication effects. As victories fuel motivation an emboldened population will press for and secure positive social changes during and beyond this retrograde phase.

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