Update Nov 11: Remember Everything ~ Removing The Shackles

Update Nov 11: Remember Everything

From Removing The Shackles

Posted: 11 Nov 2012 08:33 PM PST

You know I don’t quote people on RTS very often any more, but I want to say that Poof’s update today was spot on. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend you do, right HERE. Hell, you don’t even have to speak cryptic this week to understand him!! Like Poof, I want to again remind you all of the incredible sacrifices that have been made to bring you the freedom you are about to have.

I’m still on silent mode for the moment. The last moment. There are still huge things happening all over the place and it’s only getting faster and faster. The changes will blow your mind.

AS I’ve said many times before, I understand the frustration and the anger – I spend a lot of time in those places and I know what’s going on, so I can only imagine how much more frustrated and angry everyone else is!  This is not an easy thing that is happening.  This is not an instant thing that is happening.  This is not an American thing that is happening.  Did you catch that?  This is a GLOBAL thing that is happening.  This isn’t just about the US elections, and the US government, and the US Federal Reserve and other American Banks, nor is it about the US Constitution, or the US Criminal Cabal.  This is about the WHOLE WORLD.

….that was a hint by the way.

Once the new financial system kicks in, everything changes. Radically.  Once the new financial system kicks in, everything will roll out like precision clockwork. EVERYTHING.

….that was another hint by the way.

I just said this to a friend of mine tonight:  You can’t make this go any faster, so just sit back and pay attention and take notes.   You are living in the most amazing moment in history.  You are watching the greatest moment in time unroll before your very eyes.  Memorize every minute of this.  You are going to be telling your children and grand children and great grand children about THIS moment in time for a long long time.  What you are about to witness taking place will be in the history books.  Remember everything that’s happening right now.

There is one more thing that I want to talk about tonight.  I have written quite a bit about the fact that words have been implanted in our psyche and brainwashed into our heads.  Words like democracy, capitalism, socialism, words like democrat, republican, conservative, liberal, right wing, left wing….  These words are trigger words that have been used for generations to separate and divide people.  The ideologies behind these words were created by the cabal for a purpose.

Remember that.

A few months ago I had a discussion with an anonymous commenter  here on RTS over a negative post I made about a certain public official.  This commenter waxed eloquently about this person and said that I was wrong in my estimation.  I responded to the commenter that while I honoured his right to his opinion, my insider information made it almost certain that this person was not the “good guy” that he, the commenter, thought he was, BUT …. if ever it was to come to light that I was wrong, I would absolutely apologize and admit that I was wrong.

… it is looking like I will be making that apology very soon.

Remember this:  Some of those people whom you believed to be good, are not good.  Some of those people whom you believed to be bad are actually good.  When you are in the moment it can sometimes be difficult to see a person actions on a deeper level and realize that while on the surface what they are doing may seem negative, but in reality what they are doing is for the greater good.  When I receive intel, it is always coloured by the tellers opinion. So if that person follows the party byline they will certainly imbue their information with the prejudices of that party. This is the biggest hazard of gathering intel: trying to take the personal agenda and biases out of the intel and seeing it as pure information. I can assure you that this is NOT easy.

…I’m not 100% certain that I was wrong, but it’s certainly looking that way at the moment.

Keep your eyes open. Very soon you will see the the disclosures of what the Cabal has done for a long long time.

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