As Unique as a Kiss ~ Ashtar Command 9/19/12


As Unique as a Kiss ~ Ashtar Command 9/19/12

Channeled Through Greg Giles

Nothing at all can stop you now from achieving every goal, accomplishing every task and receiving every gift that it is you wished to receive as reward for all your valiant efforts here. We have monitored your progress for a very long time and we have seen the great strides you have made and the great lengths that you have gone through at times to learn certain lessons and we say to you that there is nothing that has ever stood in your way, there is no challenge no matter how great it was that you were not able to find a way to defeat, so we ask you now, we ask you today why is it there are those of you who suddenly feel that this one challenge that lies before you now in your path is one that you cannot easily defeat.

We do not see any kind of the addictions or habits or tendencies, or whichever you wish to label it, as anything of a difficult nature for you to overcome. We do not see these, what you know as addictions, as anything too mountainous or strong or difficult to overcome. We see that there are many of you who are under the false impression that overcoming addiction is perhaps one of the most difficult things to achieve in your reality. We say to you this is certainly not the case. We see addictions as something quite manageable indeed. We see them as easily overcome with a certain level, but not a great level, of conviction, of drive, of determination, of desire, of focus, of discipline, but we do not see these habits as anything that requires long and arduous programs or any medicines or more drugs to replace the drugs you wish to rid of in your lives and we don’t see these tendencies as being anything that requires any level of advanced technologies, no.

We see these addictions as something that you can overcome simply by putting your mind to it, simply by saying to yourself ‘It is time to leave this lower dimensional aspect of myself behind, for it no longer serves my greater good, and at one time it may have been an interesting and even in some small way rewarding or prosperous experience, but no longer, for I want more for myself, I want more for my family, I want more for my friends and my fellow humans and I want more for my future and it is time now for this.’ This is all we see you need to do, for what else is there that you need to do? This is what we ask you today; we ask you what is it that you think you need to be able to lick, as you say, these habits and what some of you refer to as your recreation or your fun on a weekend night?

We say to you there is nothing more you need. You have all the strength within you that you will need for this. We know this because we know who you are and what you are capable of. We know the great power that you possess. We understand the great wisdom that you have attained through your many lifetimes of your incarnate journey as well as your spiritual journey, for you have had more experiences in the spiritual than you have had in the physical, we wish to remind you of this, yes. You are not only a being who has had many successive incarnations into the physical, no. You have had many rewarding experiences right here on this side of the curtain. That’s right.

So you have, as you say, lived the best of both worlds, and we remind you of this, for we cannot understand why it is so many of you feel you cannot defeat these addictions, and we do not even wish to use the term ‘addiction’, for this is a rather strong sounding word and this might be part of the problem. We see this word, this term, as giving a false appearance that kicking a small habit is something so difficult, something so grandiose, something so challenging, something some of you see as impossible. We say it is certainly not impossible and we say it is not even very difficult once compared to all of the other obstacles and challenges and lessons that you have learned throughout your many incarnations and also the many lessons you have learned in the spiritual.

There is nothing that you cannot do, and this is a challenge that is not even highly comparable to many of your successes and triumphs in your past and we do not mean your very distant past. Some of you have defeated far greater foes than this very recently, even some in this very lifetime, yes. You may not realize it, but you have been battling obstacles throughout your entire incarnation starting as a child, yes. We did not wait for you to reach adulthood before beginning to place obstacles in your path just as you directed, no. We began placing obstacles in your path almost at birth and this is a fact, you can believe us when we say this, so could you imagine if you are now in your 30s or 40s or 50s how many obstacles that we have placed in your path that you have successfully and quite easily cleared out of your way.

We say there are several dozen and we are not talking small challenges either. Some of these were quite formidable obstacles indeed, and you swept them out of your way without even realizing they were a challenge and perhaps that is the key. Perhaps knowing that something is a challenge or obstacle creates some sort of illusion that it will be a difficult task to defeat this challenge. Maybe we have struck upon the problem here. Maybe we should not even have told you that defeating these habits was perhaps the very last challenge for many of you. We should possibly have kept this to ourselves and just said to you that many gifts would not be offered to you unless you refrained from the use of illicit and even certain mind altering prescription drugs. Yes, perhaps that is the answer here. Perhaps that is the route we should have taken.

We wish you to always remember that we do not have all the answers and therefore we are learning every step of the way and we are learning a great deal, yes, from you and every step you are taking along the way. We are all in this together we remind you, and there are those of us who have never incarnated within the human vessel here in this 3rd dimensional reality you know as Earth. Some of us have had any incarnations into a 3rd dimensional world, this is true, but Earth is rather unique and when you have the veil lifted from your eyes you will see this and you will understand just how unique and even strange in some ways this reality is here, for you have been isolated from the rest of the universe for a very long time. We will say you have been in ‘quarantine’, if you will, for going back now hundreds of thousands of years.

What do you think about that dear ones? Do you think after being all alone in isolation so far from all your friends and family and neighbors in this universe that you have blazed your own trail, as you say? You have created for yourself here a very unique world indeed. We say to you there are some customs here that are quite odd to us, for instance, we say to you that your form of kissing is a very unique custom. Yes. Does this surprise you that kissing is unique possibly to your world and to none other? We say to you it is, for there are not many of us here sharing these messages with you that have ever before seen this on any other planet that we have visited. What do you think about that? Do you find that surprising? Do you think that it in its self is strange? We say to you that from our perspective it is your custom that is strange and not ours, but then again, it is all in the eyes of the beholder isn’t it? It is all a matter of perspective, and we say to you from our perspective that your planet is unique in many ways and certainly not just in this one instance.

We remind you that none of you have any memories of your past lives here or of the higher realms. You only have memories of your past history in this one lifetime. We have read many of your comments and we have noticed quite a number of you believe that you have past life memories stored within your subconscious or even your conscious human mind at this time. We say to you this is not possible in any way, for once you stepped through the door of incarnation you were a naked newborn child, and by naked we do not mean you were not wearing any clothing, of course. We are presenting metaphor, and what we mean is you were naked of all memory of anything from your past including your past incarnations into the physical right here on Earth.

If there are those of you who believe that you have somehow tapped into past life memories through hypnosis or some kind of regression or through the use of another channel we say to you yes, this is possible. You could possibly be tapping into archives or records and you have somehow found your way to the book with your name on it. Yes, this is true, but we say to you this is very highly unlikely. The odds of you tapping the precise records that concern you and your past lives would be a billion to one long shot. You see, none of you possess the pass codes, the keys, to these libraries and these books.

Yes, there are codes. Some of you, through your research, have learned that there are certain codes in this universe that possess certain powers, we shall say, that could open certain doors, we may use as metaphor, and yes this is true. A certain portion of this universe, and we do not mean certain planets or certain races of people, no, we mean certain sections of this universe, certain parts of its foundation and building, certain sections of its ‘electrical wiring’, we shall use as metaphor, has been designed in such a way that codes would be necessary to tap into or delve into these records or archives or even certain places, yes, in this universe. We say to you that you do not possess these codes. We have made certain that no one in your 3rd dimensional world could possibly possess these codes, for you certainly are not ready for them and there are many of your world who we go to great lengths to make sure do not possess these codes because they cannot be trusted with them and they would wreak havoc throughout this universe if they did possess these codes.

We say it would be impossible to guess them, it would be impossible to steal them, it would be impossible to channel them and it would be impossible to buy them. We say to you that you do not possess these codes and you can, as you say, take that to the bank. Just believe us when we say there is no way any of you possess these codes, so how do you think it is that you can find your way to the ‘book’, and again we are presenting metaphor, for your life histories, the history of your past, is not written in a book as you know a book in a library. We use the term book and library as metaphor, for again, we feel some of you may have difficulty in understanding just how and where your records and your memories are. We can also use as metaphor a bank, such as a memory bank, and that is actually a lot closer than using the metaphors of book and library, so we shall refer to the depository, if you will, of where your memories are as a bank, a memory bank.

So there you are, your memories are safely stored away and always guarded and protected in a memory bank, concealed somewhere within this vast universe, guarded by those who would never let anyone pass them to access these stored records. So we ask you how is it that you think that you can bypass these security measures? Remember, you do not possess the codes, you do not possess the key, and just because these are your memories it does not give you privilege to them, it does not give you any access to them. So we say to you these memories, these glimpses or dreams or visions that you receive through channeling or séances or through tarot cards or whichever method you use for divination we say to you that you may be receiving glimpses of something, this we cannot say for sure as this is very possible, but we say to you that you are not receiving glimpses of your actual past lives or history in any way, shape or form.

We are sorry to break this news to those of you who may have cherished some of these visions or dreams or messages received through channeling and we say to you that there will come a day when all of these fond and cherished memories for you will be returned to you and your memories will come rushing back once the floodgates are opened, but we say to you that day is still a little up ahead and we say to you instead of looking back, look forward. Look forward to each and every day that you have left here in your creation, your 3rd dimensional reality, for you have put so much into this journey for yourselves and we do not wish you to waste any of your time looking back, for as we have told you, your past is gone really, it is not important anymore, although we do understand that many of you wish to preserve these memories and preserved they have been and they shall be returned to you and you could do with them what you wish, but we say to you do not spend so much time and energy trying to relive your past or to learn the details of your past, for what is most important is who you are at this very moment and who you wish to be going forward.

We say to you there are so many things more valuable, things you can be doing with your time and one of these is working on this last set of challenges that stand in your way, and we say to you with a little drive and determination, a little focus and a little confidence you can defeat every challenge that yet awaits you. There is nothing that you have yourself put in your own path that you did not think you could clear, and you certainly did not stack the greatest challenges for yourself this far at the end of your journey, no. You realized that some challenges may take a little time to defeat, so you placed them in your path many years ago. So if you want to look back in your past we say this would be a wise time to do this. Look back in this current lifetime and try to discover what kind of challenges may have lay in your path and try to remember how easily you cleared them.

We feel this will give you all the confidence you need to push aside so easily this last challenge or perhaps challenges, especially the one concerning your habit of the use of some of these mind altering substances. We remind you that this may be a very vital piece of the puzzle in regards to your ascension. Yes, we do not wish again to be the bearer of bad news and say to you there will be those of you who do not ascend because you have not been able to kick these habits, but we can only report to you what is truth and this is truth, for this is what you wanted. You told us that this was what you wanted and you cannot change your mind once you make these agreements, we wish you to know this, for how many of you would simply throw in the towel, as you say, and say ‘Okay, then I change my agreement’. No, this will not do. This is not part of the rules at all and we will not break the rules for you or for anyone because we love you.

Yes, this may sound very coldhearted or maybe to some of you even nonsensical, but we say to you we love you, we care about you, we only want what is best for you and what is best for you is to kick these habits and we know this because you yourself told us that this is best for you. This is how we know this, for we do not meddle in other people’s business. We have our own lives and own journeys, but we do help each other through their trials and their tests and we say to you that you asked for our assistance and you asked us to promise that we would not do anything it is that you do not ask us to do.

Yes, this is a part of the rules and this is what you said. You said; ‘Do not let me cheat and do not let me sneak by into ascension. If I do not earn it then I do not deserve it and therefore I do not want it.’ So we ask you today, do you want it still? Do you feel you have earned it yet? Do you feel you deserve it based already on the work that you have done? We say to you that you did not think that you would deserve it unless you defeated this last obstacle or even more than one final obstacle and we say to you we are not going to slip you the pass keys to ascension until you demonstrate for us that you have beaten these habits that are so detrimental to you and your journey that you have based so much on defeating them in this lifetime.

Yes, you can call it a wager you can call it gambling if you like, but what you did was you put up your ascension as the bet and you bet that you can break these habits and tendencies and of this use of mind altering substances. Yes, this was your wager, and we say to you that the bet is still on and we are backing you. Yes, if we were gamblers, which we are not mind you, but if we were we would place our bets on you, for we feel there is nothing and there is no way that you are going to let a drug and a habit that you have picked up using it stand in your way of everything that you have ever wanted in this entire universe. How is that for motivation? Do you feel that is motivation enough for you to take whatever drugs you have remaining in your home right now and throw them in the garbage, pour them down the sink.

We say to you what is stopping you right now from getting up right now and doing just that. If you feel that that little bag of marijuana is so important to you, then we say go ahead and choose it. Choose it over your ascension into the most spectacular paradise your eyes will ever have seen. We say to you we do not judge you if you make this choice. We say to you we honor and respect each and every choice all of you and all of us as well will ever make. We simply wish to make it clear exactly what you are choosing. We ask you right now to hold up that vial of pills, hold up that bag of marijuana and then look out the window and look up in the sky and try to picture what it is that exists on this side of your dark curtain. We say to you that you would not even be able to picture what exists here in your wildest imaginations. We say to you it is a paradise, a kingdom beyond any description possible for the human mind. It is not that the human mind is not evolved, for it is, but it is quite a difficult task for any mind that has not seen something or has never received adequate descriptions of something to picture it in their mind clearly.

This is what we say to you. You have received very limited descriptions of what life is like here on this side of the veil and this was for a very good reason. We wished for all of you to be completely stunned at what you see once you clear the threshold of ascension. We wanted all of you to experience the surprise of your life, of your entire journey, and we say to you we have preserved the surprise very well. We will not give you too many hints, but we will say that when you step through that door you will gasp. You will say “Oh my God, look at this paradise!’ That is what you will say. Now hold up that bag of cannabis, as you call it, and we see this as an attempt for you to give it a pretty sounding name, but we will call it a drug, for that is what it is.

We do not care if it grows from the ground, as many of you feel this is a very big difference. Many of you feel because it grows from the ground it is a gift from your God and we tell you this is not the case. There are many things that grow from your ground that you would not put in your mouth or breathe into your lungs, is there not? We say to you just about every drug on your planet grows from the ground. Does this surprise you? Does this surprise you that one of your most dangerous, hazardous and life altering chemical compounds in your world that you know as crystal methamphetamine grows from the ground. Yes, it does. It is an abstract of the ephedra plant found commonly in Africa. So we say to you is crystal methamphetamine a gift from your God to you? Well it grows from the ground, does it not? So go ahead and smoke all you want or snort all you want into your bloodstream.

We say to you that it does not matter where a drug comes from. A drug is a drug. A habit is a habit, and we say to you that you advised us that you wish to break your habit that you have formed through many successive incarnations. You wanted to incarnate and pick up yet another addiction and this time defeat it before the end of your journey here. This was the ground rules that you yourself devised. This is the bottom line. It doesn’t matter how you see cannabis or any of these other drugs, for that is not the point here. You did not say; ‘But if I find a drug that I can somehow convince myself is natural because it grows from the ground and it is a gift from God then that is okay’, no, you did not stipulate this before you left on your journey. You simply said ‘I am going to get hooked on yet another mind altering substance and I am going to get unhooked on it before I ascend, and I say to you do not assist me in any way to ascend until I defeat this obstacle, for it is so important to me on my journey.’

We agreed, and here we are and no rules are going to be changed at this late stage, we need to inform you of this. So we say to all of you that are today going to smoke another marijuana cigarette or pop another pill or drink more alcohol to just stop it. Throw this garbage in the garbage, for that is where it belongs. It does not help you on your journey. It is hurting you greatly and you know this, and this is why you set up this challenge for yourself. We say to you if there are those of you who can admit to yourself that you are, and will use this term one last time, addicted to anything at this late stage of your journey as there is only a few months to go for some of you before your ascension, that it is very likely that this was the challenge you set up for yourselves.

We say to those of you who do not have or have not had in this lifetime any addictions or habits or tendencies or did not use drugs very much at all that it is very likely this was not a challenge that you have written into your story, but we do not wish to see those of you who have used mind altering substances throughout your life to say “Well, I guess that means me because I am not addicted and I can quit any time and I hardly use these drugs. Just once, twice, three times, maybe four or more times a month.’ We say to you no. This is just your ego mind tricking you, fooling you, deceiving you, conning you, for if you are using drugs on a regular basis at this late stage and you are reading these words than we say to you we can almost guarantee that you and your life is included in our discussion, meaning that you have made this agreement that you will not ascend until you break these habits.

This is what we wish to make clear with you today; we say to you if you are reading these words and you are thinking about doing drugs again either today or this week or this month then we say you can almost be guaranteed that this discussion involves you and that you will not, because you said you do not wish to, ascend until you stop using these mind altering substances in any form and of any kind. We wish you all to know that we are behind you here every step of the way, but we cannot come down to you and use our methods and our technologies to get you out of this one, for that would be skirting the rules and you asked us not to do that.

We say to you for one of the only times in your life you are your own on this. We hope this does not give you a lonely and isolated or deserted or betrayed feeling, for we are still with you right beside you, encouraging you, coaching you, assisting you where we can, but we cannot change this for you. We cannot change your mind for you and we say to all of you that choosing to do drugs is not something that should be too difficult really. It is just a matter of choice. Choose not to do them. Just stop doing them now. What could possibly happen to you? You will not die. Some of you, because you’ve been doing so much of these substances might experience withdrawal symptoms, but we say to you if you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms just think of how close you are to everything and every dream you have ever had in this entire universe. That will be your sign that you are now kicking in the door to ascension, and even though you may feel sick to your stomach or dizzy or nauseous, we say to you, this will be the last time you ever feel that way throughout your entire journey, for you will no longer be a 3rd dimensional being, but you will be a 5th dimensional being and here we do not have those ailments or those problems.

We have nothing but joy here and we say to you is that not enough for you to throw those drugs away today, and even if you may feel sick for a while that it is all worth it in the end. And for those of you who don’t believe that you will experience any withdrawal symptoms at all because you are so steadfast in your belief that you are not even addicted or that the drugs you use are not even physically addicting, we say then, what is holding you up? We say to you only you are holding you up, no one else and nothing else.

We leave you today, but we will leave you on a little bit of a higher note. So we will stray a little bit and discuss with you something of a more positive nature. We wish for all of you to better understand where your journey has taken you. It has taken you from what we shall refer to as a ‘child’, for your consciousness, your mentality, your personality, your confidence, your ego, were at one time in a childlike state, or what we shall say, an immature state, but we do not use the word immature as some of you may. We use the word immature as young, as unseasoned, as inexperienced, that is all.

So there you were as an immature child beginning your journey, and we say to you today that you are exiting your journey as an adult, as an experienced and wise and learned being. Some of you are going to go on to be sages, to be spiritual leaders, yes. This is how far you have come. Just think, from a child to a sage, to a spiritual leader and teacher. Is that not amazing to you? We see that as remarkable, and if you could just see how far you have come, you would be astonished, for we see how far you’ve come and that is just what we are, astonished.

We wish you to all remember this the next time a challenge comes your way and you feel it is just too powerful for you, is just too high a mountain for you to climb. We say to you that you have climbed every mountain no matter how high that has been placed in your path and there is nothing, absolutely nothing that is powerful enough or high enough to slow you or stop you now, nothing. Everything you’ve ever wanted, every dream you have ever had is just on the other side of a few more small hills, that is all, and we say to you keep climbing, you can do this in your sleep. There is nothing that stands in your way now that, if you could compare them to what you have already been through, you would laugh. You would say, ‘This is nothing and I was worried about this?’

This is what we see and this is what we believe and we know that you would see this too if you enjoyed our vantage point, and this is why we try to describe for you as best as we can through metaphor what it is we see, and what it is we see is an incredibly wise, experienced and knowledgeable, mature and powerful, eternal spiritual being now stepping in to the reality that you yourself created. What about that? Do you think that you are an immature child any longer? No, you are not, and we no longer see you as that either. We see you as what you are, and we just wish you could see yourselves in that light as well.

We are your fellow travelers on the path of knowledge and wisdom throughout the eternal journey of our existence. We are the Ashtar Command.


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