Welcome the true selves which are emerging. Breathe. – Archangel Michael Channeled by Ron Head


Welcome the true selves which are emerging. Breathe. – Archangel Michael

Channeled by Ron Head

Our message today is one of cautious optimism. You are currently within the most powerful energies you have yet experienced and it is not going to abate for several more days. Most of you reading this have not had any negative reactions. However, please be aware of the possibility of those around you becoming disturbed.

A great deal of agitation could be the result of not having cleared enough one’s past issues. We ask you to withhold judgment of these souls and maintain your calm and loving centers throughout.

You will also have noticed another sharp increase in the exposure of hidden truths and agendas. This we also have spoken of before. The camel’s back will not, we think, hold a great many more straws. It will reach a point soon when it will appear as if there is no possible solution, that all is lost. We tell you, as we have before, that the time this point is reached will be the time of the new beginning.

Your task, until that time, and truthfully beyond it as well, is to concentrate on releasing everything that you do not wish to carry with you into your future lives. It is surfacing in your life now just for that purpose. Give it only the attention necessary to recognize it and allow it to pass from your life for the last time. Thank it for the lessons it taught you and let it go.

Feel the newfound freedom and purpose that is becoming yours as you assimilate the unconditional love which surrounds you now. Welcome the true selves which are emerging. Breathe.

That is our short message for today. Accept what is gifted to you at this time with gratitude and continue to hold your vision of your new world in your heart. Carry our love with you until we speak again. Good day.

Channel: Ronald Head.

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