“This is the time of surrendering the desires of the world … aligned with this greater aspect of yourselves.” ~ Hilarion’s Weekly Message December 2-9, 2012

“This is the time of surrendering the desires of the world … aligned with this greater aspect of yourselves.” ~ Hilarion’s Weekly Message December 2-9, 2012

By Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah)

Beloved Ones,

Keep working your disciplines and do not falter. There is much that is transpiring in the world around you and it is important to stay grounded and in a place of calm centeredness. Your individual Light is expanding day by day and affecting those around you. You do not see this but it is so. You are the catalysts for change just by your presence as you daily walk your path on Earth and therefore you influence more than you can ever know, your Light is that bright and illuminating. Those who experience your Light are moved to introspection of their own life and ways of being.

There will be many activities of Light in this month all around the world and this is lifting the potential for Humanity in all ways. It is a time of gathering together in great numbers to open up the gates of higher dimensions and the greater possibilities that they represent to Humanity and the Earth. We are delighted by your intentions to be a part of this momentous and pivotal moment in the cycles of time. Find the activities that are of the greatest resonance to you and make your intentions be for the highest good for all.

Keep looking within into your heart for the answers you may seek. Your Higher selves are gathering ever closer to you and leading the way. This is the time of surrendering the desires of the world in order to be aligned with this greater aspect of yourselves. Many changes and sensations will continue to take place within your physical bodies as you traverse the shifting of the ages and your own consciousness. Some of you may feel heart palpitations, neck adjustments and aches and pains that move each day into other areas of your bodies. This is a part of the transmutation that is happening and something that must be endured by all.

Hold within you a space of the greatest hope, peace, love and joy. Be a carrier and receptacle of these higher energies. As Beacons of Light and conduits for bringing in the Cosmic energies that pass through you into the core of the Earth, you are providing an invaluable service to the Divine Plan as it is now unfolding. Keep a level head and all will be well. Remember to drink even greater amounts of pure, clean water to keep you hydrated and to help with the conductivity of the energies that pass through you. Eating meals that contain a greater portion of fresh fruits and vegetables and partaking of supplements such as spirulina and chlorophyll each day is of utmost assistance in the proper nourishment of your human systems in these times.

Hold the love of the Creator of us all deeply within your beings and know that all is unfolding as it should in your own lives. Count your blessings and look for the synchronicities that occur that show you that you are loved beyond measure in all ways. Those who walk this Earth with a purified heart and mind need have no concerns during the changes taking place. There will be a moment of greater understanding and comprehension that comes for you. Stand in your Light.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2012 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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