The Hawk Mindset: Thought Masters & Heart Magnets


The Hawk Mindset: Thought Masters & Heart Magnets

For all of those whom waited years for Luz’s life work to become reality…Thank You!

Thought Masters & Hearts Magnets is a 1.20 hr recording that gives you the mechanism of how to take charge of your thoughts and the science behind them. In other words, the tool kit to become a Thought Master.

Please become a Member of the Group Thought Masters & Heart Magnets and enjoy the first module of the Hawk Mindset as a gift to you free and share far and wide!

This is what Lou Damasco has to say about the Hawk Mindset….

Thank you so much Lou Damasco for your mindful testimonial for the Hawk Mindset session we had. Big Gratitude to you (big heart).

“Thank you for offering your Hawk mindset program for free, a first responder to my need. Your heart found support is highly revered in my thoughts and inspires by doing . Your system is working great for me and I think it’s going to help a lot of people to settle their mind. The important point I saw it right away was the idea that many of the thoughts that you have are not even yours and I recognize the significance of that statement as a revelation or some kind of Epiphany because it weighs so perfectly in describing what’s going on and why.

HAWKFLYTE mission statement is on the way: observing from a higher vantage point with the
vision to facilitate love for a higher purpose.

So join Soul Hangout and get the first Module as our gift to you free!

Here is to you thinking with the heart loving with the soul and speaking with the body

Luz and the Thought Masters Team


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