Two Suns Reported On Russian News – Nov 25th


Two Suns Reported On Russian News – Nov 25th

November 28, 2012

Interesting news segment from Russia concerning two suns seen over Moscow Oblast November 25, 2012.

Could this be lens flare, a Sun dog or is it just one sun instead of two suns?

Comment from YT: “it is just one Sun that is seen at 0:10 – 0:12 secs as it is quite large even the top portion is cropped out…the rest is just the clouds densities and open spaces that appears to be the illusion of 2 Suns…then at 0:22 – 0:25 secs shows the far right being the leaning curve to show that again it is a single Sun when combining the entire image of the Sun”.

It is an optical illusion? What do you think?



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