Stop The Killing of Innocent Children!!

Stop The Killing of Innocent Children!!

By C K Rich

I write this article with the support and backing of ‘Anonymous Source’, LadyDragon and all the Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren of my Dark Sources who are fighting for the Light along with many many others.

To the group Anonymous…

We back your efforts to take down the Israeli sites in hopes of acquiring a Ceasefire Agreement. As long as you do not harm the Israeli citizens of that country. As for the One percent Cabalist Illuminati Leaders and Military Establishment of that country and all like countries…they are all yours!! Do what you must!

And to the Mainstream Media (MSM) that refuse to put out the truth…shame on you. To the brave men and women who have fought to report the truth…kudos to you and we thank you for your efforts and work!

One could only wonder what goes through the mind of military personnel before a battle or mission.  But for a military pilot or missile launching personnel to willing open fire on innocent children, women, animals and citizens, …one could only imagine the madness within that kind of a mind.


If you have been offended by the pictures that you have recently seen on this site…then you should be. You should be disgusted, disgraced, appalled and very sick to your stomach. You should have bad dreams for a few nights or weeks, because I guarantee you that any surviving children in those areas will. A matter of fact they will  have serious issues for years to come. We, the 99% give our power away to the 1%. How insane is that??

Understand that when we talk of these countries that are, or have attacked other countries, we are talking of those country’s One Percent (1%) Elitist Illuminati Cabalist Leaders that run and control those countries and make those decisions. Not the countries average citizen. So when I refer to Israel attacking Gaza, I do not means the average Israeli citizen.

The same is true of all countries that we would like to see the killing stop in…

Syria, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Africa and the list goes on and on.

But when it comes to the men and women that fire upon those innocent babies, children and citizens of those countries…I’m sorry but you MUST be held accountable. Remember that the excuse of “I was only following orders” has no longer applies since WWII.

I ask ALL citizens of ALL countries to ask Stop The Killing of Innocent Children!!

We as the people of this planet are all ONE People, even though most have not realized this yet. But we are! And what happens to one of us, happens to all of the collective unit known as Hue-manity. We must ban together and say ENOUGH KILLING OF OUR CHILDREN!!

That being said, war is war and there is nothing pretty about it. So I am going to leave you some reminders of what we want to see stopped below. Remember one thing…this could happen to any people in any country, including the US. And yes, the US was next in line to be attacked according to the Dark Elite Cabal. A matter of fact, they had banked on it!

So let’s work together as One People and call all our Representatives and tell them we want them to STOP THE KILLING OF INNOCENT CHILDREN NOW! Ask them to seal a Ceasefire Agreement Immediately!

As you enjoy your Holidays, imagine what these people must be thinking and feeling at this time. When you are sick enough to your stomachs and upset…then pick up your phone and make some calls. And don’t stop there. Make those calls all day long until there is a Ceasefire Agreement…















To all those in Gaza and Israel who have lost loved ones and the citizens of those countries…our prayers are with you!



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