We Will Speak This Morning on the Subject of Channeling. ~ Michael Channeled by Ron Head

We Will Speak This Morning on the Subject of Channeling. – Michael

Channeled by Ron Head

We will speak this morning on the subject of channeling. We see many being drawn to attempt to learn this art. This is a wonderful thing, and it is an urge to connect with spirit and with things with which they are familiar from some lifetime. Many are receiving results however which they have not expected. We will give several of the reasons why this may be so, and give a suggestion of how to avoid this in the future. First, however, let us say that in no way are we saying that any experience should create guilt or self-condemnation. You very likely are releasing things from lifetimes with which you are not even familiar. The method we shall give you, and which you have likely already been given but do not give enough attention to, will easily resolve all of these problems.

First, let’s see some of the possible problems. You may encounter interference from some of your own past thought forms, and these, as we’ve said, are not necessarily from this lifetime. You may encounter interference due to your own fear of the process, again, not always from this life, and so not conscious. You may encounter energies which are being released from your world now and which are trying desperately to find a way to stay. These are not all possibilities, but we stress, fear is not the answer. In fact, it is the very worst possible answer.

There are all sorts of ways that have been tried with some success to deal with these things. But the best way is to avoid them altogether. We cannot tell you in strong enough terms that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, to be afraid of because there is nothing that is more powerful than you are, if you will follow a few simple steps, and if you remember who and what you are.

Who and what are you? At this point in your growth, you should already have learned that you are creatures of, and in fact are a part of, the Creator of All That Is, whatever your name for that supreme power is. You should be becoming comfortable with that knowledge. As a being of that stature, you should be able to understand and feel comfortable with the fact that you are a sovereign being and, as such, may not have your free will interfered with. It is hoped also that you have found within yourselves, perhaps recently, a feeling of immense self-worth. If not, no matter, we are about to get you to that point. Each of you will reach it in any case if you remain on this path to ascension….

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