Sorry For the Gremlins, Non-Physicals & Dark Interferences


Sorry For the Gremlins, Non-Physicals & Dark Interferences

By C K Rich


NOTE: When I say ‘we’, I mean my team & all Light Warriors out there working so hard!!

It’s the best way I can describe it for what has happened this past year & especially this past month. Since the beginning of 2013 our sites have been attacked, hacked, glitched, messed with, blocked, down more than up, & anything else you could think of…so was our emails, Internet, phones & physical bodies.

So for the past couple of weeks, our sites, Internet, emails & phones have once again been down or glitching with gremlins. And a week & half ago I was BEing attacked by non-physicals.

NOTE: Paragraph two…it all started after I was setting up teams to create HopeGirl’s (Hope Moore) QEG’s FREE ENERGY Devices …and was having talks with Veronica Keen of The Montague Keen Foundation

We have once again rose above the ashes & continue to plow forward…a labour of love of that will not stop! What the Dark don’t seem to understand (beyond not understanding that their time is at an end), is that every times these things happen, we only come back stronger, more determined & with better preventions, abilities & protections than ever before!!

You just can’t stop a massive boulder from rolling down the hill & crushing you as you stand in the way…and WE ARE the BOULDER!!!

So I have a dilemna on my hands…

Do I once again move all our sites to a more secure hosting server with better protection? Or wait it out as we are sooooo close to the Dark’s defeat? I am awaiting talks with others to discuss the issue.

We are also looking to set up better technology for future Interviews & working on the QEG FREE ENERGY Devices

But for now, we thank you for your support all along the journey…no matter how rough & bumpy it may be.


C K Rich


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