Signs in the Sky


Signs in the Sky

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The first sign that appeared was the lightning that stroke the dome of St. Peter’s basilica in Rome within hours after the Pope resigned:

Signs in the Sky

The second sign was the meteorite that fell near Chelyabinsk in Russia:


Although the Galactic Confederation is usually protecting the surface of the planet from any extraterrestrial bodies hitting us, they let this one through to awaken the humanity a little bit more to the fact that there is universe out there beyond planet Earth and to refocus the human population a little bit from daily slavery to the Cabal.


This meteorite was a natural body, was not a UFO and there was no involvement of the Cabal in this event.


Few hours later on the same day, another completely unrelated cosmic body made a very close approach to Earth:


The next sign in the sky is the comet Panstarrs, visible in March:


And another comet Lemmon, also visible in March:


And towards the end of the year, another spectacular comet will be visible:


All these events are natural cosmic occurrences and are part of the plan for the planetary liberation that is coming directly from the Source. The purpose of all these signs in the sky is to lift the consciousness of the human population beyond the third dimension in order to prepare it for the Event and the coming planetary changes.


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