Short Update about London Conference ~ COBRA


Short Update about London Conference ~ COBRA

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Our conference was a great success! In cooperation with St. Germain, we have managed to put a Light virus in the etheric matrix structure of the energy vortex of the City, a major planetary financial center. This will have a long lasting positive consequences on the etheric energy structure of the planet and will assist in the transformation of the financial system. There were some other very positive things going on, but they can not be communicated, they have to be experienced.

This time nobody saw a UFO. Oh, no. Instead of that, our planet had a huge display of cosmic power just hours before the start of the conference, the meteor striking Chelyabinsk, the most spectacular cosmic event hitting our planet in the last hundred years. On top of that, another cosmic body, asteroid 2012 DA14, made a very close approach to the surface of our planet in the very exact minutes as we started the conference. We are definitely connected with the universe!

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