The Sea Maiden; Moreanna Of Sirius. SHATTERING THE GLASS SLIPPER. Fairytales and the Disempowering of the Human Race July 14, 2012

The Sea Maiden; Moreanna Of Sirius. SHATTERING THE GLASS SLIPPER. Fairytales and the Disempowering of the Human Race July 14, 2012

By AuroRa Le

This message was a very enlightening one for me, personally.  ….

  We have to rescue ourselves via the raising of our personal and collective vibrations, and through responsible living and respect for Gaia.  We must be open to hearing The Truth, and be willing to spread that Truth to all who will listen.   By doing these things we will be ready to assume whatever role we have chosen to play on the New Earth.  This way, also, when we do reunite with our Star Families, we will meet them as equals and not as children in need of saving.  So, here’s Moreanna’s take on things. She has embraced the role of a sort of “dispeller of myths”, a system-buster from the Legendary Realms-although, I have recently learned that she is actually from Sirius!   I warn you, this message is very, very long and I think it would have gone on indefinitely if I hadn’t had to cut her off and go pick up my son from soccer!

And now, I bring you Moreanna…


Redefine your mindset whilst the days grow short and the waves of change draw closer to your shores.  Close the book on those tired old stories which repeat themselves inside your head.  They no longer serve you.  In truth, and in retrospect, they never did.  Too many of you tarry, and Gaia shall not wait.  Alas, it seems she has been waiting an eternity.  Grasp hold of what is clearly not of truth and shake it loose from the grip it has had upon your life.  Examine everything.  Ask yourself, “upon whose authority is this true?” Say, ” It is I who shall determine what is to be taught to my young.”  Do you dare to question those who presume to rule?  Do they serve you up pearls of wisdom or simply rubbish?  Dare I say, you’ve ingested falsehoods for so long that many of you can scarce tell the difference.  Dearest Sisters and Brothers, I love you and I do not come to you this night to chastise or make light of your dilemma.  Mine is but the purest of intention and I seek merely to enlighten yours and the other young hearts that walk behind you.  For these are newly wakened and take their first steps along the Golden Path.  They do not know reality from fantasy.  And it would serve you well if you might let me refresh your own remembrances, as you go along your way.

After The Great Fall, much changed.  The survivors moved on and new settlements sprung up.  Many of those remembered the follies of the past and what brought them to these new places in which they found themselves. They vowed that they were never to be repeated.  Treasure troves of knowledge and power were hidden well away from the prying eyes of those who would misuse it.   A good deal of this greatness is resurfacing now,  as tiny thought-forms being released into the collective consciousness of the people and into the atmosphere of the planet.   It is these thought forms which will take hold within the minds of their original creators.  By way of the reincarnational cycle, these fine souls have come once again to make manifest such ideas, in turn creating a better life for humanity.  You shall come to know them in due time, as they present themselves in the way of costless energy,  advanced forms of transport, plentiful food and overall abundance.  These concepts are as crystalline and mutable as the oceans beneath which they so long rested.  Watch for them.

The ones who sought to seize control went to vast lengths to see that you did not remember who you you are.  In  the subtlest of manner, they took over your mind.  They sought to crush your spirit, and to sever the cords that connect you to the All That Is.  What better way to do this, they realized, than through the manipulation of the children.  You see, control by fear shall only go so far before the masses rise up in protest.  Eventually there shall be those who are wise enough to see the forest for the trees.  They then reject such teachings, rebel and cause insurrection.  They are savvy, these would-be controllers, and it became clear that the most effective means of manipulation is best disguised as something pleasant.  At this time you are experiencing this through the foods on your shelves and by way of tempting alcoholic beverages and pharmaceuticals.  Consumerism, and what we here consider somewhat ghastly forms of entertainment, keep you in states of fear and want.  All these things are addictive in nature.  Your schooling is designed not enlighten the mind but to brainwash and subdue the student.

In older times, the Patriarchy had none such means available to them, as they do now.  Instead, they spun tales.  These lovely myths, legends and “fairy” stories captivated the human hearts, both young and old alike.  It was in their design to implant ideas and to suppress your natural awareness of your true sovereignty and power.  The female was made to be weak and shown to be unable to survive by her own devices, thus eradicating the Divine Feminine Power which is still such a threat to them to this day.  They sought, and for a time succeeded, in crushing her power-but they could never kill it at it’s roots.  Still, they created tales of damsels-in -distress, whose only hopes lie in being rescued by the superior male.  She was portrayed as helpless, defenseless and nothing in her own right.  Only through deference might she and her loved ones survive.  These archetypal characterizations were, and still are used to reinforce illusions of limitation and lack.  It pains us, your Brethren of The Water Realms, to see how we ourselves have been portrayed to you.  We have been shown, also, to be weak and prisoners of our own form.  Then, alternately, as cunning, with the females of us seeking to entrance the human male to his death with song.  Such are the legends of The Mer.  In truth, we do not die outside the sea.  We do not barter for legs-if we should wish to ever have them.  We do not suffer in exchange for transmutation.  It is our right.  As it is yours.

You have been conditioned to accept the idea of disease that you cannot control.  You think you cannot heal yourself.  You are out of touch with your innate skills to manifest what you need.  You think that you must rely on others to solve these problems for you.  This conditioning, too, began within the pages of the storybooks.  Without the help of a magic lamp, a flying carpet or a fairy’s wand, you were told that you dreams never could come true.  Woe to the old Patriarchy should you ever come to remember that you are all Master Alchemists-each and every one!

Within us all exists the natural ability to shapeshift.  It is in our design to have the freedom to transform themselves at will.  Or to choose not to take a form at all.  Consider the suppression of these abilities as proof positive of the incredible power of belief.  The belief that you cannot do these things has been ingrained in you for thousands of your years.  These erroneous teachings embedded themselves deep within your cellular memory and have atrophied portions of your DNA.  Now, this day, you are being called by way of your ascension preparation to undo this damage, unlearn what you were taught, and to begin from scratch.  Remember that is through the power of belief that the damage was done, and it through belief that you shall rectify it.

You must truly accept the truth that your planet is shifting.  Know with a certainty that you are participating in this shift, affecting it with your strength and determination to see it done.  It is not just happening to you, but with you and by your own hand.  The Old Ones are a dying breed, and they had the foresight to know that this day was coming.  The saw to it that you who dwell on the planet’s surface were programmed very well, indeed.  Should you need further proof of this, please notice how their foolish tales never penetrated to the Inner Earth societies.  You are Earth dwellers all, yet in their chosen isolation they have retained their high vibration and brilliant health, and have remained entirely unscathed.

So, envision for yourselves a life without poverty and sadness, pain and loneliness.  Discard what in your heart you know to be untrue.  Storm the castle walls and dare to take back what is yours.  And never, ever forget that we are here to offer counsel and bolster you when you feel you cannot go on.  We are your families of The Water Realms.

I am Moreanna.

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