SaLuSa ~ News About the Changes Cannot Be Held Back For Much Longer!

SaLuSa ~ News About the Changes Cannot Be Held Back For Much Longer!

By: Mike Quinsey

The good news about the changes cannot be held back for much longer,
as it will be seen as too important for the whole world not to share the
knowledge. The Internet is alive with information, and more people than
ever are coming forward. After months and years of preparation, a
sudden push has started a whole series of arrests and resignations, that
is sending fear through the ranks of the dark Ones. Having felt that
they were safe and beyond reproach, they are shocked to find that they
are now vulnerable. There will be no let up until the Illuminati are
removed from their positions of power, and that is proceeding with all
speed. It is enabling other missions to also move faster, and the way is
being opened for the governmental changes to be lined up. It is all
part of the continuing collapse of the old system, and no matter what is
done to prop it up it will never be the same again.

You Dear Ones have achieved a most remarkable victory, inasmuch that
using the power of thought you have brought the energy into being that
has fulfilled them. You have sent out powerful prayers and thoughts
calling for an end to the wars that have continually brought countries
to their knees. Wars that have killed millions and caused widespread
destruction. You let it be known that you have had enough of the
violation of Mother Earth, and decimation of the Human Race. With love
in your hearts you have caused the changes to come about, and it shows
that when you strongly focus on what you want, it is possible to bring
about its manifestation.

Indeed, it is you who have overcome extreme obstacles, that not long
ago looked as if they would engulf you and take away your freedom. You
have brought the Light and Love back to Earth, and it has become so
strong that it has fired the grids around it. Now it acts as your
protection, and is your guarantee of a successful conclusion to your
journey through duality. Never forget how powerful you are, and by
keeping your sights on what it is you desire to create you will do so.
In the future you will reach a stage when you will experience creation
instantaneously. However, by then you will have reached a higher
dimension and your thoughts will only center upon all that is pure. As
individuals you may not be so aware of your present creative powers, but
as the Human Race it is you who are continually creating and
re-creating your reality. With nothing else but the energy of love, you
have overcome all that the dark Ones have done to keep you in their

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