Sacred Knowledge of Vibration and the Power of Human Emotion!

Sacred Knowledge of Vibration and the Power of Human Emotion!

Posted by 2012-12-03

*** Ooooh, they do not want you watching this one.  They have gone in and mixed up the size on the font, that I will fix as best I can, but read it anyway.  I KNOW WE HAVE SOMETHING HERE THEY DO NOT LIKE.  Please, please take this very very seriously.  Its the answer to our feeling of helplessness.  I commend Greg Braden for his courage, his science background that led him into understanding the power of our spiritual nature and how we can over come.  So if they mess with it again, please keep reading and watching the videos, they are important on the link I give you about the “Thunderbolts of the Gods”.  These two go together, and both are a necessary foundation for the rest of what will be coming every day along with regular news.

***We wish to thank these last 4 people who donated to this blog that met our goal this month and it is allowing us  to continue our mission. I am deeply grateful to all of you who contributed this month as I realize just what a sacrifice it was to give during the holidays. and I promise we will earn your trust and gifting.  From this time forward until the next fund raising cycle… any contributions will be directed to paying off the computer guy for his work 3 times after the evil ones crashing us for showing truth to power.  We are using the excess that we received toward that end.  We can’t thank you enough, to all who contributed.

Vatic Note:Its time to begin to look at the existing truth of our reality, and begin the process of learning who we are, and how we can change our reality.  (PLEASE REVISIT OUR PEOPLE TO PEOPLE INITIATIVE AND MISSION STATEMENT TO KEEP IN MIND WHEN DOING THIS WORK ALONG WITH STRATEGY AND TACTICS). This is the first in what will be a continuing series gradually shifting over to “ways” to change what is going on in our dimensional existance since reality truly is, scientifically, an illusion that we control.  Rewatch thrive again as well  since that movie had much of what we put out.

Remember, I made a very massive lump disappear from my breast, and the doctors could not explain it,  so we can do almost anything if we focus and make serious determination to change our reality and heal ourselves of all illness including childhood wounds, only then can we heal the planet. Do not misunderstand here,  if you are attacked then you must defend, its the fact that its defense and not aggression.  But defend to the highest level you are able to do.  With the internal power, that defence will be like nothing you can imagine.  Iceland proved it.  No matter what “No Fear”.

Remember, in the Bible it clearly says “You cannot have fear in your heart and Love for God at the same time”.  Its through fear that the insane ones manipulate us, and our vibrational emotions, and other manipulations psychologically.  It was going to be cheaper to control us psychologically than militarily.  If the latter they lose so we must move out of that control.  We intend to begin to prove all this through some reposting of important facts scientifically as well as new information we are discovering.   The most important one to read and view videos first and foremost is this one….

Our first exercise is for us to focus on the Elderly, permanently handicapped who are being Eugenicized, and then turn to the Iranian people and send them massive amounts of love and caring and provide them with an energy safety net to protect them at all times.  Same with the Palestinians.  Its a way to practice this power we have to prove to ourselves it works.  Use the time when driving, bathing, or non thinking time to send this energy to these groups. Be committed to this course of action since its not a danger to you and we have the time to spare if we want to save that which we value, which is our freedom, lives and planet. Someone suggested also that 12:30 to 1:30 were cosmic ultimate times for energy transference.

This below is a foundational offering that will be the foundation of the rest we will be offering.   AS usual, please keep an open mind since we are now sure all that we knew was not true and now we must search for truth in this arena the same as we did in our 3 dimensional reality.  I had hoped that a light worker from Canada would be taking the lead on this, but alas, it was not to happen, so I am going to join that battle to return and expand our power.  

 I have always said I had one foot in each paradigm. Now I get to move slowly and shift on both feet one in each paradigm, so pay attention to what we offer as a base of information you will need to operate.  It only takes 8000 of us to change the world,  and 394 to change our nation.  Good luck.  How I know this works, is I have tried it twice over some time on two issues for me personally and it worked.  I basically told you about these miracles when they happened.  “Mind over Matter”.  No wonder they are afraid of us.

This is a must view all the way through, throw nothing out rather keep an open mind.  We have said many times that we are very powerful beings and proved it on many occasions.  This below simply adds to that conclusion.   Our bodies are 90% water, and so when you watch this video and listen to the science of it, just keep thinking about that fact as you watch.   We have already, unconsciously made a difference in what is going on in our world by those of insane intent.

Think about what the insane ones have done over the centuries to hide this knowledge from us.  Who controls the school books we learn from? Publishers are owned by these same insane creatures who own the news media, the entertainment industry and all forms of communication, EXCEPT the internet.  Who controls universities and what we learn and yet, they have secret societies to pass on this information to those they decide and are part of their bloodlines.

You must decide about the aliens issue as I am still on the fence, since so much of disinfo is geared around the aliens, however, centuries ago this shift of energy has been recorded by ancient societies and done so in great detail such as that provided by the Mayans Calendar and most recently by a man named Stitchen.  In the Gospel of St. Thomas, Christ told his brother Thomas to “write what I say” and one of the things he wrote was what Christ told him 

“If you hold what you have “within you”, you will die, but if you “release” what is within you, you will live”, When you think about this in light of the science below, it begins to make sense.  Why I believe this,  is the efforts by the Evil ones, to change our DNA and their massive attack on water which would carry the memory of what is within us.  In just writing this I am experiencing a confirmation of the truth of this.

Sacred Knowledge of Vibration and the Power of Human Emotions

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Why has this universal truth been hidden from the beings on this planet?

This is the biggest mystery. For over 25,000 years the Universal Truth was not available to the people of this planetary system. It is now finally being received on this planet. Deep seekers of the truth that are open minded and ready will receive it.

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