Roswell full Interview *TOP SECRET* 1947


Matilda O'Donnel MacElroy
Matilda O’Donnel MacElroy


Roswell full Interview *TOP SECRET* 1947 (4:00:00)

By Katja Žnidaršič on Monday, March 24, 2014 at 8:06pm


Roswell full Interview *TOP SECRET* 1947 (4:00:00) (Part 1 of 2)


Very informative, suggest to all truth seekers!!!!!


The nurse from Area 51 that had long interviews with the surviving alien from the Roswell crash. The examination of alien from the part of authorities resulted in giving lessons about the Earth issue and history from the perspective of that alien to her/humanity.

67 years ago this alien revealed much of the fact of the Earth quarantine and of situation in this local logos invaded by dark forces at that time and of their technology keeping beings in slavery and oblivion by electronic forcefields, traps, amnesia and hypnosis machinery. He use the name “Old empire” for the archons.

Here video to have a short introduction in a subject:


the pdf file to read the full interview:…/Alien_Interview.pdf


All is documented also in a book:


“Planet Earth is not our home. It is our prison”


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