Results of the May 20th Dark Grid Removal Process

Results of the May 20th Dark Grid Removal Process

By Cameron Day
Source: Ascension Help Blog

May 21st, 2012
First and foremost, I want to THANK YOU all for participating in this historic event.
The huge amount of people participating on the ground as Galactic Conduits, coupled with the immense support from the Forces of Divine Light and other high-frequency beings who are working towards Earth’s liberation, allowed us to achieve a key victory on May 20th, 2012.

Long story short: The dark grid that was overlaid on top of Earth’s natural outer light grid was removed entirely. Supporting elements of it remain embedded within the Earth’s crust, but the outer grid itself has been restored to a Light Grid instead of being a corrupted dark grid. This is a huge step forward, but there is still much clean-up work to be done.

Now for the long version of the story from my perspective. I meditated and rested most of the day, keeping a strong Galactic Core connection at all times. I did this to act as a prime target for the ankle biters, so that they would be distracted when the time came for everyone who was participating to make their Galactic Core Connection.It may sound crazy, but I’m so used to being psychically attacked by the ankle biters that it doesn’t frighten me at all.
The alignment was scheduled for 6:30pm Pacific time, and by 5:30 I was feeling tremendous dark side pressure as they tried to attack and distract me. I sat in my meditation chair and got to work at 5:45pm. Within 20 minutes, my allies and I had arrested a few hundred ankle biters and things were calming down a little bit.They kept coming in waves every few minutes, and I was quite satisfied that they weren’t paying much attention to the thousands of people who were about to come “on line” all over the planet.
By 6:20, thousands of people started engaging their Galactic Core connections, and the ankle biters scrambled to try and interfere with them. They would rather leave one strong connection in order to darken a thousand others, and they weren’t having any luck with me (as usual). It looked like we only had about 4,000 or so people actively engaging a Galactic Core connection, but there were many thousands of people doing other types of meditation for this alignment, and all of that light work was stretching their forces thin.
Holographic Force Multipliers
The grid looked more solid than it had recently, indicating that the ankle biters had done some last-minute repairs in anticipation of the global meditation. I knew going in that we wouldn’t have the 100,000+ people needed to “organically” dissolve the dark grid, but I had a few tricks up my sleeves to make up for our smaller numbers.
Once the ankle biters dispersed to try and disrupt the thousands of people meditating, I got busy. I started off with a circular BREAKing emanating from my Pacific Northwest octahedron that radiated out through the dark grid for several miles in every direction, crumbling it like dust. I cranked up the intensity of my Galactic Core connection to widen it and fill this space.
I immediately followed this by sending in thousands of thoughtform holograms that were very specifically programmed to identify ankle biter technology and destroy it. Along with those destructive holograms, I sent in another type that are programmed to seek out sentient ankle biters, contain them and transport them to the “processing area” of a very love-oriented treatment center that will gently help them to realize their Divine connection to all of life.
This compassionate, “no-kill” approach is very important to me, and it has allowed me to massively disrupt ankle biter plans without violating their right to life and existence. I am, however, happily interfering with their free will desires to usurp human free will. This IS still a war, even though it isn’t New Age Politically Correct to call it that…
I had never used thoughtform holograms quite like these against the ankle biters before, so they weren’t expecting them. This element of surprise was very useful and allowed me to break apart huge swaths of the dark grid in a fairly short amount of time. Because I was working in concert with you all on the ground, and the Forces of Divine Light in the “sky”, I could focus on breaking apart the dark grid and let the Light forces handle the clean-up work that followed.
This was very demanding work, and I had never done anything this ambitious before, at least not in this life. It was also incredibly rewarding to FINALLY be able to make such a significant impact in our quest for humanity’s freedom.
How Come Cameron Gets To Have All The Fun?

You might be wondering why I was doing so much of the destructive work on the dark grid, when there were so many thousands of humans and millions of light beings taking part in this event. The short answer is because I asked for it! For many months, I have been training myself in breaking apart small sections of the dark grid and other ankle-biter technologies. After a particularly good training session, I asked the Forces of Divine Light that when the time was right, I would like to have the honor of being the “primary breaker” of the dark grid.
All I was really asking for at the time was the honor of taking the first shot. What I received was an even higher honor of being able to strike first over and over again, taking out vast swaths of the dark grid with every effort, then being backed up by the light beings who cleaned up what remained. Even now, I’m amazed that it all went so well.
Rebooting the Light Grid

When the final swath of the dark grid came off, Earth’s natural light grid that had been taken over rebooted and came back to life. As it filled with light from the Galactic Core, thousands of light beings settled into the grid to protect it and keep it safe from being re-captured.
However, there are still key ankle biter strongholds on and within the Earth that are intact. These installations will be working overtime to pollute human consciousness so that they can attempt to retake this grid.
In spite of this, the outer light grid of Planet Earth looks clean, clear, light and beautiful. High-frequency light beings are constructing temples in and on this light grid that will eventually be mirrored on the surface of the planet.
Conditions Are Still Smoggy
At the end of this operation, I was shown several key dark force strongholds on and within planet earth. The ankle biters have at least one stronghold on every continent, and they produce a low-frequency energy “smog” that keeps people feeling heavy and disempowered. The big difference is that now they don’t have the dark grid to block out the incoming light frequencies! This means that you can connect to the Galactic Core with far less worry about being interfered with or attacked by ankle biters.

The dark strongholds were never revealed to me before, because my primary target was always the outer dark grid. It was only when the grid was gone and I asked “what’s next” that I was shown these strongholds. Even if the time would have been right to take them on (and take them OUT), I didn’t have any energy left to help.

There are many “grid-workers” who’s primary focus is on the surface Earth grids and these ankle biter strongholds. I will connect with them soon and help in any way that I can when the time is right to clean out those bases. I will let someone else go first next time, though.
Some Big Biters Aren’t Happy
In the hours following this operation, two different BIG ankle biters showed up very unhappy with me. They are essentially stuck on and in Earth until such time that they are apprehended and rehabilitated, because they can’t penetrate the supercharged light-grid around Earth. Those two big biters are now getting the best treatment in the Universe and will soon remember their true identity as aspects of the One Infinite Creator.

Of course, this loss means that the remaining ankle biters will be working overtime to lower human consciousness. This means WE have to work overtime on keeping our frequency high and anchoring the light energies from the Galactic Core. Stay connected to the Galactic Core as much as you can!

For right now, we should all celebrate this big win! Thank you all so much for your support and participation.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

Emitte lucem et veritatem
Send out light and truth
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