The Recent Attacks On Myself and Others of The Light

The Recent Attacks

The Recent Attacks On Myself and Others of The Light

By C K Rich

As you may have been able to tell, I had been lapsed from the site during and just after the New Year. A matter of fact many posts were quite late. I did have a spare person ready to help out, but as things would have it, technical issues got in the way.

But what I didn’t tell you, the readers, was that I was being ‘personally attacked’ and was in quite bad shape for a week.

Now I am a person who has been through a lot of 3D physical hell and pain in my life, and I am usually always an upbeat spirited person. I also have quite a high pain tolerance due to all the physical pain I have had to endure and continue to endure in my life.

So you could imagine that it takes quite a bit to take me completely, or almost completely away from my work. And this is in fact what did happen!!

I’m not telling this story for sympathy, but to enlighten others out there of what can happen to people like me, behind the scenes.  But even more-so, is how my group of people and their friends/family helped 3 of us win the battle!

No I wasn’t alone in this battle…nor was anyone else.

Let me explain things a bit better. I knew I was being attacked by what was happening to me. After all it wasn’t the first time this has happened. The only thing others around me knew was that I was having extremely bad headaches, as I didn’t dare tell them more! Some people told me to go get medical care (they would have locked me up and thrown away the key), but I knew that was not the right path. Others told me to try other modes or remedies. But I knew there had to be a better way of doing something as a group, as I knew there was more to what was happening than met the eye.

I was taught over a year ago how to protect myself by a great teacher Za’Raya (aka GoldPeg9), but this time it wasn’t enough. So I called one of my contacts/friends who’s wife does some natural modes of healing with Lights and Sound. Amazing how the Galactics keep telling us that they use Light and Sound in their Healing Chambers to help heal other Beings and themselves. I suggested he talk to his wife and come up with a game-plan that we could do as a group on the call and left the ball in his court. I wasn’t exactly feeling all that great so I didn’t want to lingerer on the phone any longer than needed.

Now just before the call one of my contacts/friends found out that others on the other side of the globe were also experiencing issues/attacks. We knew this could not be a coincidence. Later after the call we found even more Light Workers / Light Warriors experiencing issues/attacks. A Matter of fact anyone who was involved in getting information ‘out there’ was being attacked!?!

The call ended up being held off for 2 days (which really sucked for me), and on the night of the call almost everyone showed up. We used Sound for Healing and as a group we implemented the plan of action.

After the first time I suggested that since there was now 3 of us being attacked (as someone else spoke up on the call about what was happening to them), that we do the Group Sound Healing a total of 3 times.

After the 2nd time, I felt all the negativity and dark lift from me like the devil itself had just been exercised  from my body! As the night went on I was able to stay up and awake longer and just felt much more like my cheerful upbeat self.

The next day I was still upbeat, but also still in a lot of pain. By the 2nd day (today), I was still very groggy, but in much less pain and able to stay awake and upright for the last 8-9 hours, until the time of making this post.

The Group did this call on Wednesday and tonight is Friday and I feel 65%-70% better!!

What the group on the call did NOT know was that my friends wife, although not on the call, was with her own group. And at the same time our group was doing our Sound Healing, so was her group. So we had double the help in this Sound Healing.

Now as one of my other contacts/friends said…

“With that much love, how could you possibly NOT feel better. It’s impossible!”

How true! You see as Light Workers / Light Warriors we often feel that we can handle things by ourselves and not ask for help. After all for most of us, we have spent much of our lives in a different World than those around us. But when One of us is attacked, all of us are attacked. We Are All One and we must remember this fact!!

And as One we can help heal and protect each other!!!

What I found interesting was COBRA’s post later yesterday explaining everything I had already figured out for myself. You can read the great description of why this is all happening here:

I hope this helps others out there under attack. There is safety in numbers!


C K Rich




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