Rapid Appreciation of Higher D Incoming Energies …


Rapid Appreciation of Higher D Incoming Energies …

From GaiaPortal

14 Oct

We speak to Gaia Hue-manity today from a more personal individualized perspective, rather than a Gaia generalization.

We see occurring shortly, a period of rapid appreciation (increase in valuation), by humanity general, of incoming Higher Dimensional Light Energies. This will result in rapid transformation of all social, cultural, and inner personal “standardized and accepted as reality” structures.

We do not offer a “time domain” for this.

Gaia recommends intimate attuning and responding to her Inner Voices, which will be sufficient to carry the planetary collective energies through this important transformation period.

Alignment of personal with planetary Higher Grids is essential.

Article Link:   http://gaiaportal.wordpress.com/2012/10/14/rapid-appreciation-of-higher-d-incoming-energies/


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