RAPHAEL: You Are In The Adolescence Of Your Growth Cycle ~ By AuroRa Le June 13, 2012

RAPHAEL: You Are In The Adolescence Of Your Growth Cycle ~ June 13, 2012

By AuroRa Le

Emotions are running high right now, for so many of you who are making their way along the ascension path.  Know that this is a completely appropriate and expected side-effect of the vast amounts of light energy which has been pouring down upon the planet, these weeks past.  You have recently completed a period of great energetic, and in some cases physical transformation.  And yes, it is the Venus Transit and her two accompanying eclipse events to which I refer.  This is an enormous amount of  power compacted into a relatively short window of time, and it would be foolish to believe that there would be no feelings of upheaval and confusion felt afterwards.  Your energetic blueprint is being upgraded, and expect to see the pace of these upgrades increase dramatically as the year progresses.  Trust me Dear Friends, it will be impossible for you to not notice the effects that these massive bursts of Christ Essence will have upon you. 

For many, you are finding yourselves easily triggered by things that in the past would have gone completely unnoticed. The smallest thing has the power to make you suddenly laugh or cry.  A fragrance, a piece of music, a face in the crowd… these and so many more can bring on a potent rush of sudden exhilaration or pain,  a brief flash of a memory which disappears just as quickly as it came.  In these instances you are experiencing firsthand the parting, or might I say the dismantling of the veil.  Revel in the sensations, as they are proof positive of your ascent into fifth dimensional consciousness.  In this way you are remembering!  I know that it can be very confusing at times.  As well it should be.  You have not yet regained enough of your higher self knowledge to understand why it is your emotions are coursing up and down like a rollercoaster ride, or what it is that these strange images and flashes of light represent. 

On a slightly less enjoyable note, what may also be coming up are sudden onsets of melancholy or anger.  While these indeed could be brief glimpses of more puzzling insight, it is more likely that you are being shown some last, leftover areas which are in need of clearing, processing and release.  The aim here is to remove what remains of these old programs, attachments and feelings which are surfacing from countless lifetimes spent in duality.  While you have been doing this work all along, and I commend you for doing it exceedingly well,  these programs can be quite stubborn and it may take a bit more work to see them completely gone.  They are coming up right now so that you may be unhindered by anything which could stand in the way of your progress.  Simply address these emotions as they occur.  Allow the feeling to run freely through you, like the ebb and flow of the tide.  They are not “bad or “wrong”.  They are necessary.  Address the feeling, greet it, allow it to speak to you and feel the answer it gives.  Quietly think about what this feeling means to you, and if it is negative or painful offer it your forgiveness. Thank it for the lessons it has taught you, the growth that has come from your collaboration together-for I can assure you, you have learned much.  Then send it off to God with your love and your blessing.  This done, you are now an open vessel, free to bring in more and more of your higher self awareness….

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