The Quality of Love Known as Support ~ ARCHANGEL GABRIEL 2012

The Quality of Love Known as Support ~ ARCHANGEL GABRIEL 2012

Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah)

May 31, 2012

Beloved Ones, We wish to have discourse on the quality of Love known as support. This quality is one that is an enabling, encouraging one. When one person is in need in their life, another that cares for them utilizes this quality in whatever way seems best to give courage, inspiration, hope and forbearance to the one in need. This quality is one that is manifested often from the Angelic realms as they respond to your calls for assistance. It is a way to help lighten the load of another to uplift their spirit to a happier mood.

Whenever any endeavors are taken on, having support from the ones around you can help bring it into manifestation. When this quality is given freely, the fruition of One’s desires comes into being with much greater ease and grace. It brings joy and a sense of knowing that all will be well and that you are not alone. There is an element of going beyond Oneself in the giver of this quality which empowers them to continue to offer support. The giver, by giving this quality also receives this quality in return when in a position of needing it.

Those in a close relationship give this quality to each other on a daily basis and it keeps them aligned to each other and their commitment to enjoy a happy and meaningful relationship. This provides the impetus to continue on when the going gets tough and offers each one the demonstration of caring. It makes the heart smile in warmth, knowing that here in this person, the goodness and kindness of the Creator’s love is working on their behalf and it is most definitely a deciding factor in the happiness of both, knowing that in each other they have a constant friend.

When One is celebrating a special day, it warms their heart to know that there are others who know them and wish to honor them by offering a demonstration of their support for the individual in kind and happy ways. They send cards or flowers or telephone the individual to brighten up their day. They offer this quality of Love as a constant so that the individual is aware that they are deeply loved and cared about. Many times this is what has helped the individual continue to take a step forward in their lives as they experiences challenges and learn life’s lessons. It is the factor that helps them keep on and lightens their load….

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