Preparing for the Mass Arrests

Troops in St. Louis

Preparing for the Mass Arrests

Posted by Steve Beckow

Drake and Lady Dragon are working with Geoffrey West of Cosmic Vision News (listen past the 33:00 minute mark of the broadcast below) to cover the mass arrests if they begin tomorrow. The presence of troops in St. Louis leads Drake to believe that the push may start Monday, although no one knows for sure.

You can help Geoff report this event by watching the Internet for news yourself and sending in news tips to the “Contact Us” form in the right-hand column of the 2012 Scenario site.  Suzanne will screen what comes in and forward it to Geoff.

That would result in replacing An Hour with an Angel tomorrow night with a live news broadcast.  Geoff would  cover these events, if they do occur, at Blog Talk Radio here:

I have no idea whether the mainstream media will (1) cover them or (2) if they do, cover them from a truthful standpoint. If the mass arrests do begin tomorrow, chances are we’ll switch from regular news posting to coverage of them. All the 2012 Scenario editors have been invited to assist and invitations went out as well to other 2012-related editors on other blogsites.  Everything else may be put on hold while these events are in process. If they occur.

I’d caution people not to judge President Obama if he has called troops out. He works for the Light and his action may have been designed to provide a reason for the beginning of the arrests.

You might be advised to lay in a moderate supply of cash and a moderate supply of food and drink. But there is no cause for alarm or anxiety. The arrests have been planned for a very long time and the outcome is assured.

And, again, nothing at all may happen tomorrow. However, the presence of troops in St. Louis seems to suggest that it might.

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