Poofness ~ A Return to Sanity ~ 4/21/2013


Poofness ~ A Return to Sanity ~ 4/21/2013

By Poofness

Greetings and Salutations,

Again, the happy talk is rolling. If all that took place amongst the financial ministers, took place, then the world is fully engaged to be rid of the fractional reserve banking system. You say, the fed banking system. It was always coming any how. You can’t maintain control of the world by military might, or worthless paper. Gold is priced in frns and it’s dropping, that should tell you something. Something abnormal is afoot. Central banks are going the way of the dinosaur, each country is growing into running their own clean banking system. That’s the only way they will be able to move on anyway. Such a scary thing, like it’s something foreign, metal backed currency. That’s the way it’s supposed be anyhow, constitutionally. Nothing new here.

Ok, no more happy talk, I got 20 years of listening and frankly I’m bored to tears. A guarantee is no good unless unless Sears backs it…lolol. Just ‘do it’ and be done with it, things will never be perfect on an imperfect planet. Whiners will whine until they realize no one is listening to them. I’ve recently taken on a missouri mindset. ‘Show me’ I’ve been told, all is set, ok…great make it so, Number 1.

I’ve been reading a series, which began 20 years ago, called the ‘wheel of time’, The dragon reborn. The last book is called a ‘memory of light’. The author has passed but left a ton of notes for it to be finished. This series reminds me of my own path. You’ll never make everyone happy and someone will always try to influence your decisions, tho they can only guess at where you are. The object is blueberries, stick with that. But, I do remember the Light. Consultations until…..

Love and Kisses,


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