Poofness – As the Insanity Ends – 11/4/2012


Poofness – As the Insanity Ends – 11/4/2012

By Poofness

Greetings and Salutations;


So the east coast was dealt lemons, some one had the foresight to make lemonade. No wasting off time and throwing the hands up in disappointment. Steady effective pressure applied to realize the dream and negate the nightmares. For some reason humans find it easier to assume the worst and give strength to the negative. So be it, I will smile and move on and hope you catch up some day. The world needs our collective help so we can all breathe again, drink fresh pure water again. I tasted pure water once and I’ve never forgotten it…it was just cold and had no taste. Imagine that. Not much to say today. Assume flight position. Instruction are very simple and the confusion is to be ignored, pre-reception. Listen to the song again and read the words, it may trigger something.

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