Poofness ~ Have Fun and Be Kind to One Another ~ 1/20/2013


Poofness ~ Have Fun and Be Kind to One Another ~ 1/20/2013

By Poofness

Greetings and Salutations;

There is something brand spanking new, in action behind all the internet chatter. One thing to remember; one of the last places you look for details on the changes is the internet. Some folks make up stuff to fit their view of the world, some chatter because their sources tell them crap and they believe them. I know higher up folks who have had to cut themselves off from contact with certain other higher up folks, because it was clear they were working for the opposition. Everybody is Not on the same page. Bankers are in trouble, not all, but some. They wanted to continue raping the world and could get the hint to knock it off…if they wanted to survive. the old grey mare ain’t what she used to be.

Things have gone into action, some folks are grinning, with all their teeth…even folks with gaps. Vanity kind of goes away at such moments. Now keep your mouth shut and you’ll not be sad again, unless you forget to mind that famous american mouth. Essentially, in this regard, the non disclosure is a ‘no brag’ contract. It’s really meant for your own protection. If you just do what momma told you, you’ll be fine..make sure your underwear are clean when you leave home…never know when they’ll put you in the hospital. Could break your neck or something. Took me a few years to shake off some of those advisories…from momma.

Stay calm, no body has forgotten you, you’re in the chow line, wait your turn and no pushing. Even at the last moment you need to mind your manners. Your needs are no more important than anyone else’s. The truth is, everyone is on the same level of life. No, even the elite stink up the bathroom, when they relieve themselves…unless they are taking chlorophyll tablets and making green poopies. Ok, I’m done making potty humor and just wanted to say; ‘Yo…have fun with it’.

Love and Kisses;


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