Poofness ~ Fly Like a Bird ~ 1/27/2013


Poofness ~ Fly Like a Bird ~ 1/27/2013

By Poofness

Greetings and Salutations;

The gears on the world change over are engaging. You will hear with your own ears, very shortly. There was a ‘come to jesus’ meeting at the white house a couple of weeks ago that laid down the gauntlet on us politicians. Nothing like being told, ‘we are about to move ahead and cast the us adrift to fend for itself’. In other words, the world needs it’s stuff and weren’t putting up with the us egos holding everything up. Every damn doc has been signed and left no reason to hold back from flipping this world on it’s head. Some have set themselves up to be sent to undisclosed locations, oh well, not like they weren’t warned. If you’re looking for the sense of that, just remember, some folks don’t believe fat meat’s greasy. Which means ‘reason’ is beyond their capacity, like a mule with blinders, side vision is not real strong with them, need a club to get their attention.

There is no military might that can stop an idea whose time has come. So mister cheney can forget the military industrial complex stopping the people of the dragons from exercising their power for using their jewels to make a balanced world. Aren’t the words, ‘they who have the gold, rule?’. If you had no intent to pay back what you borrowed, should’ve never borrowed from them. They never were stupid about money and ‘worth’…but left brain logic, doesn’t work completely, with people who use their right brains for more than drawing pictures. Actually the folks in the himalayas teach a technique to assist in the process of merging the right and left hemispheres of the brain and, their functions. Making it possible for a human to be single brained. Draw back…’normal’ people may think you’re weird because you can walk and chew gum at the same time. lololol…and pat your belly.

As I said wait your turn, there have been alterations, thru the years for one reason or another. Who cares the world is changing any way and with the freedom being given to the former ‘serfs’, the panoramic view will shift very quickly. You know what needs fixing out here..set about when you’re given the chance, your back is being watched. The matrix serves more than getting bankers in pocket! So, off you go, and make a difference. No more freddy flintstone time for the jetsons’. Play nice and leave the grumble monkeys behind, smile at them when they say…it’s all Bs…dust your feet off and walk on. We are Not going to hell in a hand basket, after all.

Consultations available until the knock on the door.

Love and Kisses,


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