Poofness ~ Bye Bye Cruel World ~ 2/3/2013


Poofness ~ Bye Bye Cruel World ~ 2/3/2013

By Poofness

Greetings and Salutations;

Enough has happened and locked in to end this journey. So we’re off to see the ‘wizard’. It pretty much took the ability to do right handed things with the left hand, to finish this job…the shifting of the world’s banking system. It took vast ‘commodities’ and unrelenting sticking to the task at hand. And a huge amount of focus to Not kill folks that (as they say) needed killin’. The arrogance was unbelievable, folks in circles that believe in their ‘right’ to lord it over everybody else who couldn’t see the truth when it was right at the end of their noses. Games up dudes and dudettes, the earth is not yours, to do as you wish.There’s an old saying, ‘karma’s a bitch, then ya die’.

From hence forth, ‘munchkins’ will keep telling you to follow the yellow brick road, no worries about getting dazzled by the brilliance. Lower your head and take on what ever task you set for yourself. Dance forward on your path and do it in joy. We aren’t going back, we are going forward. Going into the world created for these times. Much of what you will witness now, is folks passing because they can’t handle the change. Can’t deal with the fact that low frequency behavior is a thing of the past, like neanderthals having to deal with cro-magnon man. It took them a while to find out, they were actually living side by side for a while. Hmm, wanna make a comparison to the present?

There have been some alterations but it’s all wrapped up in the speed at which the big changes take place. The flooring had to be ripped All the way up. No half stepping. which is reverberating thru DC right now. Who is a good guy, who’s a bad guy, you’ll be finding out most directly. These announcements are so, the american people never let these past 100+ years, be repeated. It’s All good and you will hear it with your own ears, soon enough. Time to go ‘poof’.

To keep communications going, consultations are available until our door knocks.

Love and Kisses;


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