Poof Has Passed: Poofness ~ May 26, 2013


Poof Has Passed: Poofness – May 26, 2013

From OraclesAndHealers

Greetings and Salutations;

So, it’s the end already, the work is done and it’s all over but the shouting! That’s what you said last week now what in heaven’s name is the hold up. NOTHING! Let’s just cut the crap and let me splain things to you if your man enough to take it. IT AINT NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE! Now there that’s as crystal clear as if Mark Twain himself had said it. Besides I said “it’s close enough to smell.” The hard cold fact is nothing is wrong and everything is rolling smoothly as this mechanical process is working pedal to the metal but some documents handed down through the generations need to be handled carefully which slows things a bit. Also, returning the “Republic” to it’s glory days is a very delicate process needs to be massaged into place. We are on a week to week schedule for final completion. Like preparing a gourmet meal the process at times is meticulous but oh is the wait so worth it. “A Promise is a Promise” the masses are next and very, very soon!

While your waiting a minute reflect on these words……..How can you call yourself a christian and not follow what the master said about taking care of the ‘least’. There are principles of nature that even effect govs, greed will get you in the end. The st germain trust exists because it’s intention was always to shift the wealth of the world from the greedy to those in need and make life’s principles real for the common folk. Nature will always make a balance and no amount of politics can change that. They joined withe the dragons because their purpose was the same. The elders joined them both for the same reason. They could see the eddies of time moving to the big shift and they have ‘age’ on most. They broke the code on longevity and have lived accordingly ever since. The secret is ‘attitude adjustment’. Change your mind, change your life. Take ownership of your own crap. Man, it is time to end serfdom for the masses. The lords are being whupped big time, from the top and not a thing they can do about it, they borrowed and failed to pay back, the casino has been foreclosed upon.

The skies have been rumbling and the weather forecasts rain on all the crops. A harvest for the world, as it were is close at hand. Reagan’s appointee will finally be able to take a much needed vacation from his labors and I can go sit my butt on a nice beach and drink umbrella drinks…and never speak of this change over again.

Thank you all for the prayers for my continuance. My job keeps going. I celebrate your ability to hold your ground and a promise, made so long ago. That day of arrival is shortly and like a lightning bolt on a clear day.

As we were going to press with this newsletter our hearts were saddened as we learned of Poof’s passing. After a very brief illness “Poof” has gone to be with his MASTER. Thank you, to all of our loyal readers for your prayers and support at such a very sad time for us all. Poof can now finally see clearly the “Big Picture” that he has worked so hard for all of these years! He will forever guide our thoughts and deeds as we seek out our future in the “bright new world” that awaits us. With love and graditude for all you have done for us all through the years be assured that we will always remember you!

Courage, brother! Do not stumble,Though thy path be dark as night;

There’s a star to guide the humble,

Trust in God and do the right.

…………….Norman MacLeod

Please listen to this Beatles selection with fond memories of “POOF,” as he had a lot of Love to share with us all!


Do You Want To Know A Secret Songwriters: Mccartney, Paul; Lennon, John; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVVvpW_5vgw

Rest in peace, Poof.  I shall miss your humor and heart. ~ Ron


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