POOF for JUNE 24: The Merging of the East and the West

POOF for JUNE 24: The Merging of the East and the West

By Poof

So, for years now, many quiet prayers have gone Heaven ward, looking for a miracle from God, in some cases not so quiet. ‘Hello, anybody hear me out there?????’ Maybe you didn’t understand, you were the miracle, you were looking for. Minds had to be ready to deal with the full implementation of true freedom on this planet. You had to start denying that all power was in the folks who’ve been jacking with everything since Babylon. A courage had to rise up within you that said NO and further, Hell No! You will be stewards of the wealth of the nations. By the power invested in you, you will heal this planet, clean the water and the skies of pollution, feed and nurse the elderly and care for the children. It’s not hard, it never was, it just took resources and a different mindset.

Times they are a-changin’ and you are the recipient of those changes. Don’t waste your time seeking revenge. Seek the peace within…that’s your challenge in these coming days, otherwise, you’ll be no better off than before the change. I know it’s hard to grasp but the world is going thru a remarkable change, beyond any comparison with the past. It will stagger the imaginations of many, miracles Do come true and they will happen for you…if you’re young of heart. The money was Not stolen, the truth is, that would be impossible if you understood who’s behind this. Man can’t steal from the owner. Humans don’t have the capacity nor the technology. A few months ago a few boys got it in their heads they were going to pull off the greatest heist in history, didn’t even get off the ground good before they were nailed and imprisoned. Some of you caught the stuff about China, jailing a bunch of folks for fraud, The Dragons do monitor and clean their own chicken coop. They just have their own way of doing things and their own timing. That will be fully mirrored in the west. Like a lightning bolt on a clear day it will happen and you’ll wake up one morning shocked, hearing a lot of whining on your morning news. Didn’t think the impossible, happened. OH, and they’ll be guilty, no question about it. Politics will be beside the point. Time to think like a child again, imagine the possibilities, try what the adults say can’t be done. Bye bye, fred and barney, we’re going to George Jetson’s neighborhood, sans his boss. The technology is already here and ready. People ask me ‘when’, how fast? As quick as you’re ready to move on it. Back up help is already available. The cast offs from the past will be flicked out of your way so, they only thing stopping you will be you. Let the left and right hemispheres of the brain merge and work as one, it’s an act of personal will. They actually teach this up in the Himalayas. A miracle is no more than letting nature go with it’s own flow, understanding that thoughts are things. Uncluttering the mind of crappy thoughts, as a lady said one time, a quiet mind is a divine mind. Forests worth of paper work have been processed to close out the past world, I extend my gratitude to those who got on that grindstone and never stopped until the job was done, even while we all bitched about how long it was taking and swearing to god, it would never happen. Thank you for your perseverance. Oh can’t forget how many folks swore up and down you all were lying and hoarding everything for yourselves, forgive them they know not what they say or do.
Love and Kisses


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