About the Poof Interview… Notes from American Kabuki


About the Poof Interview… Notes from American Kabuki

By Kauilapele Posted on 2012/12/03

C K Rich:  I must agree, that after comparing notes with some of my people and sources…I pretty much agree with everything Poofness has said! Understand that due to the nature of some of the information that was not suppose to get out yet, I will not be making a post on the interview.

Saw this post today on AK’s blog, and he describes what happened from his arena with the Poof interview (I am not posting the Poof message itself, which you may read here).

[Kp UPDATE: I’ll add this line from this blog’s last Poof post, which certainly aligns with the positive reaction which AK says he received about the interview… “… those I knew who heard it were quite “‘blown away’ in a positive way” by the information.”]


Special AK note:

Since this week’s post from Poof is pretty much about last week’s video on American Kabuki, I thought I better fill in a missing part of the story in this saga.

Brian contacted Poof on October 15th, paid his $50/hr consultation fee to ask him questions about the changes coming in the banking system. Brian recorded the call on his phone so that he could listen to it later in case he forgot something Poof had said. It was not his original intention for this to be an interview, which is why this has a wonderful spontaneous quality to it. The information Poof gave was sound and Poof sounded relaxed and that made for a great interview.

Brian had supplied me some inside information on another controversial news event several months ago which I won’t disclose now. Brilliant stuff. I thought at first Brian might have been Naval Intelligence giving these great tip offs. I don’t always know where my tips come from. And in San Diego we have a huge naval presence.

Brian wanted to meet me, something that I rarely agree to do. I don’t know why I agreed, but the interview was pretty good and I have wanted to start posting interviews to American Kabuki. Brian agreed to do more for the blog as a contributor. He’s clearly better at it than I am.

We decided to meet at a local coffee spot in Carlsbad Village. Brian was not at all what I expected. He is not ONI [Office of Naval Intelligence (?)]. He is an enthusiastic light worker from a local Yoga meditation group run by a woman who channels St Germaine. She and her partner were once a part of the Self Realization Fellowship in Encinitas known locally by surfers as “Swamis”. There are excellent waves that are offshore from that golden lotus building. SRF was founded by Paramahansa Yogananda, the man who brought meditation to America in the 1920s. After the death of Paramahansa Yogananda SRF became more rigid as an organization and many of the local long time members left for more freedom. Brian participates in a group that left SRF.

Brian is the kind of guy that after you talk to him his enthusiasm is so contagious you find yourself jumping up and down with him. And as Sophia Love knows, I can be a fairly intense guy. He’s a very likable young man with a remarkable gift for making people feel relaxed. He’s also got the Irish gift of gab.

When Brian contacted me about this recording he had, I made the assumption he had asked Poof if he could record it. I shared the audio privately with Stephen Cook and Kauilapele. We talked it over. One of the guys asked if Brian had asked permission to record it and I honestly didn’t know. I assumed he had. I decided I needed to verify that before posting it. I sent an email off to Poof and asked Poof if he had given permission to record the conversation, and whether I could post to the blog. He did not know Brian recorded it. Poof didn’t say no about posting the video, he said “post it in a few weeks”. I told Poof that I did not want to screw up the banking changes or delay them, but I really wanted to post the video. He said it “would screw things up and delay things” if I posted it October 15th. He asked me to wait a few weeks. I shelved the interview. A few weeks turned into six weeks.

It was sensational information in much more detail than he gives in his Sunday blog post. Its the only recorded Poof interview that I know of. We had something special. Stephen, Kauilapele and I were joyous about the information we learned. We felt others would be affected the same way. Its really good news!

Last Tuesday I contacted Poof (I can be persistent) and he said I could post it “in a couple of days” as the protocols were almost complete. I posted it on Thursday which was two days later. There was something in the video that wasn’t supposed to be known yet, and this concerned the folks in Asia. I don’t know what piece of information it was that caused the concern. We were asked to pull it and we did so. The video was easy to pull because its was in one location on YouTube. The MP3s from Kauilapele’s blog went viral. I didn’t know KP posted MP3s until after the fact. KP and I managed to track down those web sites distributing the MP3s and we think we found all of them and the blog owners have graciously suspended distribution of them.

Those of you upset with the Publishing of the video, if you must blame someone blame me. It came out on my blog. I’d rather have Brian’s youthful enthusiasm than deal with another’s apathy and passivity. Enthusiasm can be channeled. Brian has an interesting future ahead, and he’s found himself smack in the middle of two major events right out of the gate. One was national in scope.

The emails I have received have been amazing. The reactions have been quite encouraging. I will share one example, I’m redacting the identity of the sender for their privacy:

“Thanks, AK.

From what I’m seeing out there on chatroom, facebook, and message boards, Poof’s interview — even only out for a few hours — caused such a high frequency burst of heart vibrations across the planet . . that it forwarded the whole process ahead quite nicely.

Kind of like an “X-class flare of the heart.”

Thank you for posting Poof’s interview. It’s all good. There are no accidents. But you know that.

We have another interview coming out in a few days by Brian. This one we have very clear approval to publish. What can I say? We’re learning! 🙂 -AK

Article Link:   http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2012/12/03/about-the-poof-interview-notes-from-american-kabuki/


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