Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension: Part 2 – Doing the Work

Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension: Part 2 – Doing the Work

By Dr Suzan Caroll / Suzanne Lie – June 22, 2012

Mytria and Mytre Part 2


We are Mytria of the Violet Temple of Alcyone and Mytre of the Ashtar Command. We have returned to share more of our story of Pleiadian Ascension. We have decided to share the experience of our Ascension with our Earth friends as you are, also, entering your time of Ascension.

Hence, as you return to your Multidimensional SELF, you will soon, or already have, met with your Divine Complement. The term Divine Complement is also known as Twin Flame.

The more you return to your fifth dimensional resonance, the less you will feel comfortable in a body of gender. In fact, all forms of polarity will become too constrictive, of too low a resonance, for your ever-expanding consciousness.

Therefore, a certain urge may well rise up in you that there is someone that you must meet. You likely do not know who this person is, but you will instantly know your Complement when your eyes first meet. This experience is similar to catching a glimpse of yourself in a mirror.

When you contact your Compliment, a chain of events will be initiated over which your ego self will have no control. The mere magnetism of meeting your own Soul in another person’s body can be quite disturbing. If you are not ready for this reunion, you might even push it away. In this case, you may meet at a later time or in another reality.

On the other hand, those who are resonating to the threshold of the fifth dimension will be ready. Consequently, they will willingly change their lives in any way necessary in order to keep this person in their life. However, do not make the mistake that these intense emotions will make for an easy relationship. In fact, a relationship with your Divine Complement is much like a relationship with your self.

Your Divine Complement is the part of your Soul that you had to release to be able to inhabit a third-dimensional body of gender. After that first separation, you each took on myriad other incarnations in both male and female forms.

The power of connecting with your Divine Complement is so intense that Souls usually only choose to make this connection if they are approaching Ascension. One the other hand, you could choose to ascend first and wait on the fifth dimensional threshold until your Divine Complement also ascends.

Very often, your Divine Complement over-lights you throughout your life, but you will only realize this fact after you have regained your multidimensional consciousness. Connecting with your Complement serves as the precursor to connecting with your higher expressions of self in the mid-fifth dimension and beyond.

There are times when Divine Complements meet while both are in the physical plane. Sometimes they live lives of deep commitment to each other. Other times they come into Oneness to perform a great social contribution.

On the other hand, sometimes they cannot find peace together as the energy is too intense for their state of consciousness to accept. In this case they eventually part. The life challenge is considered a “pilot test” in which both of them realize that they are not ready to leave the third dimension. However, there was a moment of connection which they will continue to always carry in their hearts.

In contrast, there are also lives in which you meet, merge and become ONE within your heart and Soul. However, you are forced to be apart for the sake of a Mission that is even more important than your personal love story. This final example was the case with us. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Thus, we return to our story not too long after we left off…


With Mytre’s injured leg, it took us several days to get back to our home base. Once there, our lives returned to normal, only at a much deeper level, as we had both undergone completed transformative initiations. Because we had connected with our Higher Expressions, as well as with our Mother Planet, our connection to each other was even more intimate.

We shared dreams, communicated without talking, found ourselves doing similar things, as well as simultaneously thinking similar thoughts. In other words, we were experiencing a deep commitment and unconditional love for each other.

That does not mean that we never argued or had difficult moments. Of course we did. However, those moments were soon over, to be replaced by our usual peace and comfort. Besides, we had something very special to share.

While Mytre’s leg was healing, my stomach was growing. Our dear child was growing within my body, as well as within Mytre’s heart. He often held my stomach and talked to his daughter, he insisted the baby was a girl. When we shared those moments, I was so happy that I thought my heart might burst. However, this happiness was always followed by a moment of dread.

I tried to ignore that feeling, but I knew that there would be change soon, and not just the change of having our baby. The Mother was telling me that she would soon need our assistance. There were some things that She needed us to do for Her. She, too, was ready to expand into Her higher expression of SELF. Unfortunately, the day finally came in which all my feelings were validated.

I was very close to birthing and Mytre’s leg was almost totally healed. It was early in the morning and Mytre had been taking an early morning swim at the nearby lake. I was making our morning meal, when I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. Just a few moments later, Mytre came running towards me as fast as he could, which was very fast.

I ran, wobbled towards him, but he waved for me to stop. When he reached me, he was out of breath but managed to say “What just happened to you? We have to go back to the Village. It is your time soon and you need to be where they can help you”.

I resisted his advice for days. I wanted to have my baby in the home that I loved. However, I knew Mytre was right, I just didn’t know why. After I had had several of these pains, he convinced me that we must go to the Temple. We cleaned up our camp, but left it habitable, as we planned to return as soon as it was safe for the baby.

Unfortunately, life had another idea.

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