The Pleiadian Council of Nine: Only in the Realms of Illusion Have you Ever been Separate

The Pleiadian Council of Nine: Only in the Realms of Illusion Have you Ever been Separate

-Channeled through Wes Annac-


We ask you to ready yourselves for the coming disclosures and insights into the true history of your world and into the true potential that mankind has and has always had within, to access realms beyond your understanding or comprehension. As you are awakening and reaching strides along your ascension processes, you are finding the surfacing and rediscovering of inherent abilities within yourselves to access other dimensions and planes of thought and feeling, and this is acting in accordance with the pure Love that is being sent to your Earth in the increasingly pure doses and measures that have been discussed and expressed endlessly.

You should know, dear beautiful souls, that we have been maintaining steady and active links to the energies of all who absorb, utilize and appreciate the guidance and energies that we give forth. Our role on your world for so very long has been to assist in initiating you into purer states of consciousness along the collective dates that allow such an initiation, and while various different civilizations had found themselves unable to yet grasp the concepts of the higher realms that so very many dear awakening souls are now beginning to understand fully and purely, our previous attempts to help you reach purer states of consciousness were not always in vain.

We have, in the past on your world given direct, personal guidance to many Earth souls who used and integrated such guidance and the energies we gave them accompanying such guidance, to spread much Light and to eventually ascend from your world and actively monitor events as they develop while doing anything that they can from their ascended positions to assist your world and all on Her surface who are ready for the long-decreed collective ascension that you are going through at this time.

The dark souls on your world have long known about your ascension and have attempted to put up physical [and astral] barriers in the way of the development of your Light and it is clear that they have been quite unsuccessful in their attempts at doing this. Even so, they have continued on in their attempts to block the frequencies of Love and information being sent to our many channels and scribes, as while they do not see channelers as immediate threats they are well aware of the energy that is being given behind the communications, in which we Lovingly give.

They know of the power, potency and purity of this energy because many of them who are steeped within the most darkness will note the uneasy feelings that they get whenever reading a channeled communication which contains much encoded Love that is meant to be for the overall benefit of the souls who are reading and absorbing such a communication.

The [dark heads] feel uneasy whenever feeling these Light signatures because they do not resonate with the Light that is encoded within many communications, and they have employed several lower entities to pose as souls of the Light to deliver false information or make statements that do not reflect the views of the Company of Heaven or of the Galactic Federation.

It has been remarkable to note the strong sense of discernment and inner-searching that is now being garnered within the overall Lightworker collective, and it is clear that you are collectively reaching the strides that you were meant to along this process at this time, while events on your world from an outward point of view seem to churn on in the outdated, ‘normal’ fashion that you have all grown used to.

We tell you that your manifestation efforts will absolutely be the biggest deciding factors in anything that manifests on your world.

We note at present that as so many of you are discovering your abilities to exist within and interact with a plethora of other realms [which has been planned out all along] you are stepping-up and increasing your astral and physical work and you are indicating to us by and large, that you as a Lightworker collective are more than ready for the many events that are soon to come to fruition.

We are more than ready as well to finally see the commencement of the many events which are to initiate you into increasingly-pure and rapidly-accelerated states of consciousness in a very small time window. There are some within the Lightworker collective who are learning the lessons of the beginning threshold of the fourth dimension while working through the last vestiges of ego that preach divisiveness and separation with any given issue.

We say that each and every debate and discussion that has been garnered has ultimately been needed, and we have long been monitoring discussion groups on your internet as well as the thoughts and impressions that every soul gives out, along with the petitions that you sign in favor of our acknowledgement on your world and in favor of our landing on your world and commencing various projects which are again, designed to bring Light to your world in very direct ways, by us and by you, the Lightworker collective.

We are monitoring all of the discussion and activity that is occurring at this time, be it within your discussion groups or within the minds and hearts of those who feel comfortable with us maintaining a direct link to their energies. There will be some who may feel uncomfortable with the notion of us being able to feel their impressions of thought and energy, and we must express that every emotion, feeling, thought and word that you give out is energy which is sent out from within and without yourselves, to the rest of Creation.

We naturally ‘see’, feel and hear the thoughts, feelings and impressions that the collective of humanity is giving out at any given time, and we take as well to again, monitoring discussion groups in an effort to determine the overall collective Lightworker energy at any time……

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