The Pleiadian Archangelic Realm. “You Are A Miracle.” October 15, 2012.


The Pleiadian Archangelic Realm. “You Are A Miracle.” October 15, 2012.

By Bella Capozzi

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❁ Your Light is growing ever brighter, ever stronger.  Behold the magnificence which is the New Earth.  Like a beacon she shines far and wide, a harbinger of hope and change.  Alight with an iridescent brilliance – sapphires blue and emerald green – a lighthouse she is.   Safe and warm and homelike, welcoming to all who come  to know of her.  A most welcoming sight she makes for more than one such weary traveler.  To those who view her from far beyond your borders, she and her occupants are seen as the living embodiment of truth and healing, in planetary form.  She is a miracle.  You are a miracle.

❁ Heed the truth of our words, Dear Hearts, and doubt not ever, for a single moment, that the path which you have chosen to follow is the right one.  Despite the stagnation you might feel and the negativity you are still perceiving all around you, it really is the only path there available to those such as yourselves.  There is but one road leading up to your ascension, and it winds precariously out of the muck and mire of the 3rd dimensional illusion.  And valiant Lightbearers, you are on this road already!  True, it is a road that has felt interminable and sluggish, even hopeless and irritating at times, but it is the one and only way you’ll find which takes you out the darkness and out  into the sunshine.

❁ Along the way you have been challenged mightily with distressing situations which have caused you no small amount of heartache and pain.  Tests they were – tests that you yourself contrived to provide you with incomparable opportunities for growth and spiritual advancement.  Some of these tests have caused you to doubt your feelings and core beliefs, and at times you have found yourself seesawing back and forth in your conviction.  Fear not, because this is quite natural.  Allow yourself flow with these ups and downs, as they occur.  However, you must trust always what it is you you truly feel deep withing your your hear,t and lend credence only to what information originates from this place.  Your inner voice is the voice your truth and knowing.  It is infallible.

❁ You are being tasked to question all that you think you know and all that calls itself “reality.”  What is reality, truly?  We say reality is you – a powerful being of light and love, housed temporarily within the 3rd dimensional Human casing.  Reality is that you are an immaculate, flawless perception and creation of The Divine.  Reality is that you are this being, this Godspark.  You are dwelling inside an awkward and evolving physical body, in it,  but it is not who you are.  You are an integral part of the Grand Plan;  one perfect portion of The Whole.  You are a bold adventurer, an experiencer.  Lest you forget that it is you who are merely partaking of the experience.  The experience is most certainly not partaking of you!

❁ So, raise your heads high and walk with an air of confidence and self-assurance.  Go about the town with a sparkle in your eye and the grace and humility of a Master, and it is in this way that you shall instill in the unawakened the promise that you can be trusted.  In the coming days they shall rely upon as just such a Master, and it is essential that they are able to identify you and know that in your care they are safe.  This is the definition of a “Wayshower.”  They shall be rather lost, these precious souls, so be of endless patience and unwavering faith.  Rest easy that you have our constant support.  It is the steady hand of God which guides you now, so be in peace.  You are loved passionately and without condition.

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